The Surprising $7 Kitchen Find That Will Create More Space in Your Closet

published May 11, 2023
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Credit: Anna Spaller

Optimizing one’s closet space is an eternal conundrum — especially if you’re working with precious few square feet and plenty of clothes to keep organized. One TikTok user has found a surprising way to hang your pants that not only creates more space, but it’ll also have your closet looking like a personal department store. Even better: You can score this ingenious space saver for just $7 on Amazon.

DIY enthusiast Lauren (aka @pinchplateparty) first shared a snippet of her handy closet space-saving tool on TikTok, showing off an immaculately organized pants rack and writing, “Here’s how to hang denim in your closet using S-hooks. Loop them though the back belt loops! best $7 I spent this week.”

In a follow-up video she shared to TikTok and Instagram, Lauren detailed how to use S-hooks — the hardware staple most people use to hang potted plants, kitchen essentials, bathroom towels, or shower curtains — as a substitute for bulky hangers. You simply fold your pair of jeans with the front pockets facing out, looping the small hook on the S-hook through both belt loop; in seconds, you’ve got yourself an easy, fuss-free method of keeping your denim organized. And for less than $7 for a pack of 20 S-hooks, that’s less than 35 cents per hook, so you don’t need to break the bank to solve your closet space woes.

Of course, you can use these hooks to hang anything with belt loops, including trousers and shorts, making it an ideal solution for every person in your household with too many clothes and not enough places to put ‘em. 

Naturally, Lauren’s followers loved the easy, affordable closet hack, with one Instagram commenter joking: “I just need to evict some of my husband’s clothes to make room to hang my jeans like this. GENIUS.” Others noted that it makes her closet look like the racks at a store, to which she responded: “It’s giving boutique vibes.”

Boutique vibes on a dollar-store budget? It’s clear why the internet is, ahem, hooked. 

Buy: Evob 20 Pack 3.4″ S-Shaped Hooks, $6.97 (originally $10)