Splurge or Save: How Does Saatva’s $195 Mattress Protector Compare to Coop’s $60 Alternative?

published Apr 12, 2024
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Credit: Photos: Saatva, Coop; Design: Apartment Therapy

If you’ve never spilled a drink while sitting in bed or had to clean up a pet accident from the sheets upon which you sleep, consider yourself lucky. When it comes to such messes, your sheets are the least of your worries. Removing stains and smells from a mattress is just about the most tedious home cleaning task that exists — even if you have a dedicated upholstery spot-cleaning machine. Additionally, even if you manage to remove the surface stain from the top layer of your mattress, it’s hard to gauge how far down the unwanted substance traveled. That’s why it’s so important to prevent such messes before they occur. Fortunately, we’re not talking about giving up drinking coffee in bed or banishing your dog to the floor — that’s not fun for anyone. Instead, there’s a simple measure you can take that won’t disrupt your loungy lifestyle. 

If you guessed investing in a mattress protector, you are correct. Mattress protectors are severely underrated, but there are so many good ones out there that’ll help you maintain arguably one of your biggest bedroom investments. If you’re not sure where to start on your search for a great mattress protector, allow us to help. Our Splurge or Save series compares two editor-tested (and loved) products that serve the same purpose but retail for different prices. For this edition, we’re comparing two quality mattress protectors: Saatva’s waterproof mattress protector, which retails for $195, and Coop’s ultra-tech waterproof mattress protector, which retails for $59. Keep reading to see whether we think you should splurge or save.  

Credit: Photos: Saatva, Coop; Design: Apartment Therapy

Saatva vs. Coop

We love both Saatva and Coop bedding products; while we typically associate the former with pricier products like mattresses and pillows, we usually associate the latter with soft goods like sheets and comforters. In any case, both brands make pretty stellar mattress protectors, although one is certainly pricier than the other. So, is Saatva’s mattress protector worth its nearly $200 price tag? Or could you get by with Coop’s more affordable alternative?

Overview of Saatva’s Waterproof Mattress Protector

Not only did Saatva’s waterproof mattress protector win the “Best Overall” category on our Best List roundup last year, but it also earned a spot on our master list of the best products we tested in 2023. Although we continue to test new bedding in 2024, this pick remains a favorite. So what makes this bed covering so great? For one, its materials are top-notch. The protector boasts a polyurethane moisture barrier that protects your mattress from spills while still promoting airflow. The best part? The barrier is ultra-thin, so the protector doesn’t feel rubbery or make a crinkly noise when you lie on it.

The protector also has a cotton knit lining that wicks away moisture, as well as a silicone elastic band that helps it fit snugly around your mattress. As a result of this feature, the protector won’t budge no matter what — even when you pull off your fitted sheet on laundry day. Charli, Apartment Therapy’s executive lifestyle director, also noted that the Saatva mattress protector is great for hot sleepers, among other things. “[It was] super quiet underneath our fitted sheet and very breathable and easy to wash — win, win!” she said after testing. “I think the price point is excellent for the quality of this mattress protector. I highly recommend it.”

This product is available in seven sizes and fits mattresses up to 16” tall, so it’s sure to fit your bed regardless of whether you have a Twin XL or a California King. In short, the Saatva mattress protector is a solid choice for just about anyone, from the light sleeper who wants to avoid that crinkly effect to the parent or pet owner who wants to prevent hard-to-clean messes from seeping into their mattress.

Overview of Coop’s Ultra Tech Waterproof Mattress Protector

For $136 less than the Saatva mattress protector, you can pick up Coop’s version. It shares a lot of the same qualities as its more expensive counterpart, plus it’s OEKO-TEX certified. Additionally, it comes in six sizes and fits mattresses up to 15” thick. It, too, used to be on our Best List. Although it no longer is, we still love this product because it accomplishes exactly what it promises and can compete with more expensive alternatives in the market. “It didn’t have any kind of crinkly or rubbery feel that you might find on cheaply made ones,” our review reads. Former AT contributor Kendall also liked Coop’s mattress protector “because of its awesome price, but also because it pretty much never slips off, and is undetectable and silent.”

Indeed, you won’t experience any crinkling with this pick despite its polyurethane barrier, which is waterproof yet soft. You can rest easy knowing it’ll shield your mattress from water, spills, bacteria, and dust mites. Aside from the polyurethane layer, the protector is also made from a blend of polyester and bamboo-derived viscose rayon. Like the Saatva version, it’s machine-washable as long as you pair it with a mild detergent. You can also put it in the dryer afterward; just avoid using high heat, which can damage the piece’s waterproof barrier.

This blend of polyester and viscose rayon is actually Coop’s proprietary Lulltra fabric. Because the latter is derived from bamboo, you’ll find it to be naturally cooling, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Bamboo bedding also typically has a silky texture while being more environmentally friendly than traditional silk. And, as we already mentioned, it’s hypoallergenic.

As Coop’s product page notes, the ultra-tech waterproof mattress protector would benefit just about anyone, regardless of whether you have pets or kids. Accidents happen to everyone, so there’s no reason not to protect your mattress from hard-to-clean mishaps.

The Verdict

If you buy a high-quality mattress protector, it should last longer than most cheap alternatives. Although $195 might seem like a lot to pay for the Saatva protector, it’s a one-time purchase that’ll quickly pay off once you factor in the cost per use. Despite its luxe, comfortable feel, this product is practical and easy to clean. Really, we have zero complaints.

In this case, however, we still say it’s better to save. Coop’s mattress protector is less than one-third the price of Saatva’s and boasts the same amazing qualities. “While testing Coop’s mattress protector, we ran it through the gamut of Unfortunate Household Accidents: spilled drinks, pet throw-up, and potty-training messes,” our review reads. “And it performed excellently! It kept the mattress dry and released stains easily after running it through the wash.”

If you have a large family and want to cover every bed in your home, it’s better to go with the cheaper option. We said it best in our review: “If you know your mattress protector is going to be called upon to soak up stains regularly, you’re going to have to replace it sooner or later no matter how often you wash it or which kind you buy. In that case, having a hardworking option that’s almost $200 cheaper than certain luxury models is a big help to your budget.” In short, you can’t go wrong with Saatva’s mattress protector, but opting for Coop’s version and saving some cash is the smarter choice here.

Buy: Saatva Waterproof Mattress Protector, Queen, $195

Buy: Coop Ultra Tech Waterproof Mattress Protector, Queen, $59