This Portable Spot Cleaner Is a Lifesaver for Pet Owners and Left Us Shocked at the Dirt and Grime It Pulled Out

published Oct 19, 2023
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If you told me before I worked here that there were trendy cleaning tools, I’m not sure I would have believed you — but the Dirt Devil Portable Spot Cleaner is just that, since this upholstery cleaner has been on the top of everyone’s lists. The most popular in the category is the Bissell Little Green, but when I saw that Dirt Devil had its own model, I knew we needed to put it to the test. Knowing that my sister had been coveting a spot cleaner for a while, I decided she’d be the perfect candidate to try it out.

My sister has two large dogs, a German Shepherd named Maya and a mix named Ladybird, and when they aren’t playing in the backyard, they’re snoozing on my sister’s sectional. They’re high-energy pups (and Ladybird is actually a puppy), so they kick up quite a bit of dirt and grass when they’re sprinting around the yard. Plus, according to my sister, there’s been a drought where she lives, so the yard is very dusty. Basically, it was the best time to see if the Dirt Devil Portable Spot Cleaner actually worked.

Credit: Bre Kort.

What Is the Dirt Devil Portable Spot Cleaner?

The Dirt Devil Portable Spot Cleaner is designed to remove stains from upholstery and carpet. You combine a cleaning spray (like Dirt Devil’s spot cleaning spray), water, and the machine’s powerful suction to lift all sorts of grime from fabric. It also has the ability to deodorize pet stains. It boasts a 19 oz. tank that is designed to tackle multiple messes in your home. This lightweight cleaner is designed for small spaces and easy storage. The water tank is also removable for easy filling and dumping. And, the built-in hose is designed to flush the tank with water, leaving it ready to go for your next cleaning session. More than 1,000 of these cleaners were bought on Amazon in the past month.

Credit: Bre Kort.

Why We Love the Dirt Devil Portable Spot Cleaner

The picture above is worth 1,000 words. My sister sent that photo after cleaning half of a couch cushion (she knows that it looks gross). She uses the Dirt Devil Portable Spot Cleaner every other week to get up the dust from the drought and dirt from her two dogs and otherwise, she uses it for spot cleaning when unexpected messes occur.

“I have owned several spot cleaners but the Dirt Devil is by far my favorite!” Bre says. “I own two large dogs, and it is a LIFESAVER when it comes to cleaning pet stains off the carpet and couch. It removes the stain in around 5-10 seconds. I deep-cleaned my couch cushions and I was shocked by how much dirt it pulled out!” She told me that she hasn’t run into any quirks or issues with the Dirt Devil and that it’s easy to use.

And, if that wasn’t convincing enough, Amazon reviewers have given it a 4.4-star average rating. Now that we’re moving into a season known for dirt- and slush-tracking, it might be time to add a spot cleaner to your holiday wishlist (especially if you have pets)!