Shoppers Are Calling This Lightweight, Spacious Suitcase the Perfect Carry-On and It’s More Than 60% Off for a Limited Time

published Jun 9, 2023
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Luggage truly can make or break your trip — or at least make it more enjoyable when it functions perfectly or cast a gray cloud over things when it doesn’t. God forbid a wheel breaks off right when you get to the airport, or you can’t fit nearly enough clothes for your two-week vacation in it (I’m very familiar with the latter). Sometimes, it’s not the fault of the luggage itself at all — the airline may lose it, and you have to endure your vacation without your essentials and rush to the nearest clothing store almost as soon as your plane touches down. (What a nightmare!)

However, that’s why many people, myself included, often turn to the trusty carry-on as opposed to a larger piece of luggage. Better to keep it all on your person, right? Especially if your jaunt will only last a few days. However, even though carrying on your luggage eliminates the risk of it being sent to the wrong destination, there are a few things you have to think about when selecting your smaller suitcase. Number one: Is there enough space and does it optimize it well? Two: Is it easily transportable? And three: Will it last? Luckily, one suitcase from a brand that we love checks all the boxes, and it’s over 60% off right now: The Samsonite Outline Pro 21″ Hardside Carry-on Spinner.

What is the Outline Pro 21-Inch Hardside Carry-on Spinner?

The Spinner may be tiny, but it sure is mighty. With compartments galore, you can pack enough clothes for days — even weeks, according to several reviewers. Grab a few packing cubes, and you’ll be able to squeeze way more than you thought you could. Simply fill one side with your things, zip the divider up, and then you can fill the other side. If you don’t need the divider, though, it’s removable, but it has so many useful pockets (certain ones are meant to specifically hold dry or wet items) on it that I’m not sure why you would.

But this carry-on isn’t just beloved among customers for its spaciousness — it also has a built-in TSA lock and a USB port, so you don’t have to stress about anyone poking around in your luggage or your phone dying at the airport when all of the outlets are taken (and when aren’t they?).

We found the Bartlett version of the Spinner to be wildly durable, looking brand new after several weeks of a vacation abroad, and we’d bet that this option holds up just as well. Plus, it looks super sleek and comes in tons of colors (I love the pink) and who doesn’t want to travel in style?

Credit: Macy's

What Macy’s Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.5/5

“Can’t wait to carry this on my trip. It’s light weight, maneuvers very well and a perfect size!” – Jamdoodle

“Last summer we spent 2 weeks in 3 locations in Europe. This bag was the first time my husband agreed to only take a carry-on. He had more clothes than he used!” – Lisa

“It maneuvered beautifully through parking lots, airports, city streets and hotels. It fit nicely in the overhead bins and came home looking beautiful.” – Ree

Macy’s is offering an astounding discount for a limited time on the Spinner; you can add it to your luggage collection for just $150 with the code FRIEND at checkout! With how many extra features this carry-on comes with, you’ll get your money’s worth and more — it’ll become essential for every trip you take.