Samsung’s New Refrigerator Can Be Configured Over 4,000 Ways

published Jan 26, 2021
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Black and white BESPOKE refrigerator in bright, modern kitchen
Credit: Samsung

The problem with most refrigerators—aside from making strange noises and the freezer occasionally not being cold enough—is that they look the same. That is, they overwhelmingly skew sleek and modern. That’s great if your kitchen’s aesthetic is minimalistic and streamlined, but for some (hello, cottagecore fans), the fridge might stick out like a sore thumb.

Samsung’s BESPOKE refrigerators hope to solve that problem. At the recently-held CES 2021, the Korean tech giant unveiled the customizable fridges, each with four doors that can come in your choice of color and finish. For the colors, you can choose from any of the following: gray glass, sky blue glass, navy steel, champagne steel, black matte, navy glass, white glass, and rose-pink glass.

Credit: Samsung

Cabinetry that makes your fridge blend into your kitchen is hardly a new concept, but these glass and steel options can also serve as an accent to the room or turn the appliance into a focal point. Plus, you can swap out the panels if you change your mind (or your kitchen) in the future.

Credit: Samsung

Other notable features include a touchscreen, a cooking app, an auto-filling water pitcher, a deodorizing UV filter for the air inside the unit, and an ice maker that can also produce tiny cubes for those who like munching on ice.

Samsung’s BESPOKE refrigerators will arrive in spring of this year.