This Is the Biggest Financial Mistake People Make When Trying to Sell Their Home, According to HGTV Experts

published Jun 18, 2021
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Over the last year you’ve probably heard that in many places, real estate is “a seller’s market“. But, despite bidding wars and quick sales, there are things sellers can do to maximize their profit. According to HGTV experts Jon Pierre Tjon-Joe-Pin and designer Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin, the most common mistake they see sellers making is renovating their home with their needs in mind, not those of a potential buyers. 

Jon Pierre and Mary are hosts of HGTV’s new show “Two Steps Home,” where they help couples buy a house and have a wedding within their budget while not comprising on the big picture. In other words, they know a thing or two about spending money in the right places. And when it comes to the biggest mistake homeowners make during the home-selling process, the duo said that it was spending money in ways that didn’t accommodate the person buying it. 

“They renovate the house as if they’re going to live in it, and they put money in places that are important to them but aren’t necessarily important to a buyer,” Jon Pierre told Apartment Therapy. “That can really be a detriment because that can be wasted dollars, and that makes a huge difference. You want to make sure you’re renovating your house for other people, not necessarily for yourself.” 

When getting your house ready to sell, it helps to take yourself out of the equation and think: blank canvas. Odds are, when a new owner moves in, they’re going to have a vision for what they want the spaces to look like. While adding in some personal touches probably won’t deter your home from being purchased — thanks to the strong seller’s market — you also don’t want to waste money, time, and energy by adding design elements that will probably be changed.

So when it comes to doing work on your house to sell, stick to the basics. Give your walls a fresh coat of neutral paint, schedule a deep clean, and fix anything essential parts of the home that are broken. Your wallet will thank you later. 

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