7 Seating Options For Small Spaces

updated Jun 27, 2019
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Even if you can cram 100 people into your tiny apartment for a party, it doesn’t mean you have room for 10 to sit down to dinner together. If you’re lacking seating, here’s a few ways to help your guests find a place to land!

1. Folding Chairs: When extra seating is needed, folding chairs always seem to come to the rescue. They can be plain or they can be elaborate in design, but one thing is for sure, we appreciate their ability to tuck out of sight when not in use! Check out this great roundup of some of our favorites!

2. Rolling Stools: Maybe the items you need are already in your own home (or backyard) try adding wheels to random items around the home to raise them a few inches making them table height and allowing your guests to glide in and out of the table comfortably. You could even disconnect the wheels for non-entertaining times and keep them stashed away until needed.

3. Benches: They’re a great item to keep other places around your home and don’t have to be located in the main areas. Perfect for an entryway as a place to put your bags when you come in, but oh wait, cousin Joe brought a friend for dinner, well pull that bench right on over! Here’s some great bench inspiration (which isn’t a sentence you get to say very often).

4. Bring On The Sofa: No one said sofas were just for living rooms, if it’s what you have, it takes all of two seconds for two people to move a sofa over to the dining area for some grub. Add some pillows behind your back if your sofa is deeper than usual and enjoy dining in comfort!

5. The Floor: Ok, so obviously you won’t be sitting on the floor at a regular dining table, but using a lower table like a long coffee table can be just as nice. Sitting Indian style is cool again didn’t you know? Check out these great tips from Emily on using your coffee table as your main eating and entertaining station!

6. Poufs: Although they might be a little low for the dinner table, a few pillows stacked on time might work in a pinch. Here’s some fabulous options to choose from.

7. Non-Traditional Seating: This post from The Kitchn is a great reminder of the items in our home that will work in a pinch (no one will judge you, they’ll just be excited to get some grub!). Try exercise balls, camp furniture or asking guests to bring their own seat. Check out more ideas here.

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Image: flickr member Samira Khan licensed for use by Creative Commons