Your New Favorite Small-Space DIY Plant Display Is Already in Your Shower

published Jan 28, 2022
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Over the past couple of years, plants have become as obligatory an accessory as a side table or an area rug. Apartment Therapy readers have styled snake plants in not-too-sunny corners beside cozy chairs, arranged philodendrons with books and records on shelves, and set pothos on countertops to pair with bowls of fruits or bottles of wine. Heck, they’ve even hung eucalyptus from shower heads for an added boost of relaxation. And that’s why this simple DIY project spotted on Reddit is so exciting: It repurposes a budget-friendly item into a display case for even more greenery. 

The barely three-step project, which was posted to the gardening subreddit by user u/QueenKay, starts by either purchasing or upcycling a three-tier shower caddy — if you’re lucky, it’ll be the thing behind the hanging eucalyptus leaves perfuming your bathroom. Spray paint the entire caddy with a shade of your choice, double-checking that the coverage is for metal surfaces before getting to work. (An oil-based enamel paint is best for lasting durability, although it may take some time to dry completely.) Once that’s finished, you can use a picture hook to hang the caddy straight on a sunny wall in your home, and then fill it with potted plants ready to be grouped together beautifully. While you might already know where you’d like this plant-portable project to go, here are a few ideas for where to place it, just in case. 

One option could be to hang it in a kitchen alongside different herbs, combining form and function a few steps from the stove. Another suggestion could be to display it near a bedroom window, on a wall that’s too small to accommodate furniture. And finally, you could also consider placing it above your mailbox, ensuring that your front door has some definite curb appeal (northern folks, you’ll have to save this one for spring). It would also be fun if the smallest tier on the caddy held a small watering can or shears, simplifying the job of keeping your plants in tip-top shape.

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