The Simmer Pot Recipe You Should Make, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

published Aug 9, 2023
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Potpourri of Christmas tree trimmings, cinnamon, cranberries and citrus peel in pot on  stove top.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

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Simmer pots are a natural, budget-friendly way to make your space smell amazing. There are seemingly endless recipes for these homemade concoctions that are brewed slowly on your stovetop or in a slow cooker. You can customize a simmer pot with whatever combination of fragrant herbs, fruits, or essential oils you desire. But if you’re unsure which simmer pot recipe to try, look to your zodiac sign as a guide. 

Your unique astrological blueprint contains valuable insight into your preferences — including which types of aromas you’ll find soothing or pleasurable. When you’re ready to get cozy and curl up on the couch, the perfect scent can help set the scene. Keep reading to learn more about the ideal simmer pot recipe for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. (Are you an advanced astrology-lover who’s familiar with your full astrological birth chart? You can also consult the simmer pot recommendations that correspond with your natal Moon sign and the sign on the cusp of your 4th House.)

Aries: Chai Spice

Fiery Aries are ruled by Mars, which is the planet of conflict, action, and ambition. Your sign tends to bring the heat, so you’ll appreciate the warming quality of a chai spice simmer pot. This bright, cheerful recipe calls for spices like cinnamon, star anise, and peppercorns. Together, they’ll make your home smell like a soothing cup of tea. Short on ingredients? Hack this simmer pot with a few masala chai bags.

Taurus: Basil, Rosemary, and Dried Flowers

As an Earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of art and romance, Taureans value practicality and aesthetic appeal in equal measure. You’ll love this garden-inspired simmer pot recipe — which features basil, rosemary, and dried flowers — because it smells as pleasing as it looks. Plus, your sign loves to cook, so you might already have the assortment of fresh herbs it requires.

Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe; Food Styling: Nicole Rufus

Gemini: Pumpkin Spice

Love it or hate it, pumpkin spice season elicits strong reactions from people — just like this zodiac sign. (As a Gemini myself, I can make that joke.) Embrace your unique brand of divisiveness, and the unofficial scent of fall, by cooking up a pumpkin spice simmer pot. This option includes apple cider to win over even the most ardent pumpkin spice haters.

Cancer: Mint and Lime

Cancers are the lunar-ruled homebodies of the zodiac. Your sign shows love by welcoming people into your space; you thrive when your home is crisp, clean, and inviting. A mint and lime simmer pot will deliver all of the above. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity: This three-ingredient recipe packs a wonderfully refreshing punch.

Leo: Orange and Vanilla

Leo is the only zodiac sign ruled by the Sun, which governs your spark and vitality. You’re known for your playfulness and perennially youthful spirit, so you’ll love the nostalgic vibe of this Creamsicle simmer pot. Its saccharine notes of orange and vanilla will invoke memories of the sweets you loved when you were a child.

Virgo: Mint, Ginger Root, and Thyme

Virgos are grounded, but your sign’s Mercury rulership and mutability grant you an experimental streak. You’ll appreciate the eclectic combination of earthy scents in this happiness-inspired simmer pot. Its ingredients — mint, ginger root, thyme, and sliced limes — are all herbs or fruits, which fittingly mirrors your Earth sign nature.

Credit: Nenov / Getty Images

Libra: Grapefruit and Lavender

As the other Venus-ruled zodiac sign, Libras delight in cultivating cute vibes at home. But you’re also a buzzy, intellectual Air sign, which means you may struggle to unwind after a long day of socializing. The combination of freshly sliced grapefruit and lavender in this soothing simmer pot recipe will help you relax — and fulfill your cottagecore fantasy.

Scorpio: Cinnamon Apple

In the Northern Hemisphere, Scorpio season marks the height of fall (think: leather-jacket weather, peak foliage, and holidays like Halloween and Día de los Muertos). Lean into your sign’s autumnal associations by brewing up a cinnamon apple simmer pot. Its seasonal ingredients are sure to conjure up recollections of fall, and as a nostalgic Water sign, you’re always ready for a trip down memory lane.

Sagittarius: Lemon and Orange

This citrus-heavy lemon and orange simmer pot is simple but fragrant enough to make an impact on your whole space — not unlike Sagittarians. As an exuberant Fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the loudspeaker of the cosmos, you make your presence known. It’s exactly why people love to party with you, and why this bright, zesty concoction is ideal for your home.

Capricorn: Bay Leaf and Clove

Rich and earthy, this bay leaf and clove simmer pot recipe screams Capricorn. Its aromas will make you think of wintertime, which corresponds with your zodiacal season in the Northern Hemisphere. Plus, it calls for just three ingredients, and they’re all staples that you probably already have in your spice cabinet. As an Earth sign ruled by pragmatic Saturn, you’ll appreciate that.

Credit: Stefania Pelfini, La Waziya Photography / Getty Images

Aquarius: Colorful Cranberry

Although cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving mainstay, polling suggests many Americans don’t actually like it. A cranberry-scented simmer pot won’t be for everyone, but that’s precisely why rebellious Aquarians will love it. You can embrace your nonconformist nature by making this distinctive recipe, which pairs cranberries with cloves, cinnamon sticks, and orange and lemon slices.

Pisces: Lemon and Rosemary

As an emotional Water sign ruled by boundless Jupiter, Pisces feel it all. Your sign also gravitates toward spiritual and occult practices, so I doubt you’ll balk if I suggest bolstering your psychic protection. This lemon and rosemary simmer pot combines two easy-to-find ingredients beloved for their cleansing and warding qualities. Even if you aren’t witchy, you’ll still appreciate its clean, calming scent.