This 186-Square-Foot Airstream Reno Has a Must-See Pressed Flower Detail

published May 27, 2024

This 186-Square-Foot Airstream Reno Has a Must-See Pressed Flower Detail

published May 27, 2024
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When Patricia Ojendyk sold her house in Seattle, she wanted to figure out what her next home would be and how to live within her means. She decided on a 31-foot-long Airstream with 186 square feet of living space to be her and dog Miss Maybe Baby’s full-time home. And though she knew what she wanted, she didn’t quite know how to start.

“Once I decided that this was the way to go, the biggest obstacle was finding someone who could relate to me and whose artistry and experience I could trust,” Patricia begins. “Until I found Perpetually Devastated (I had been looking for a few years actively), none of it felt right. But the universe provided! It was challenging to wait during the duration of the build, to not be able to see in person the progress being made, but I trusted the process!”

Bethany and Parker of Perpetually Devastated helped Patricia start this new chapter, which she began when she moved into the Airstream in April 2024. “There was a lot of back and forth between me and Parker. The volley was there. Parker was patient with what I wanted and how I communicate (mostly by text), and then combined that with all his expertise, the ins and outs of the Airstreams. It was a really dynamite working relationship,” Patricia writes.

“I had never done anything like this before, so getting to make decisions was at once thrilling and intimidating!” she continues. “Parker and Bethany helped and gave suggestions, but they also wanted me to make choices that I would be happy with, for example picking a grout to match the lavender bathroom tile, or choosing the unlacquered brass sinks that would patina over time. These were things I didn’t realize I could do, and I didn’t realize would be so important to me, and now I know I can, and they are!”

Over the span of a year, Bethany and Parker sourced, designed, removed the interior and existing systems, and rebuilt everything according to two main things: Patricia’s vision and what designer Mike Beganyi (who helped Perpetually Devastated with the initial spatial layout and created the floor pan) determined the ideal Airstream layout for a full-time home to be. (It’s a middle bath and back bedroom-style plan). Patricia’s home has a bedroom with a full-time bed in the back, and the couch can also pull out to become another bed.

For Patricia, the light is one of her favorite elements in the space. “It’s so bright, which was so important to me. That, and the lounge is very inviting and comfortable,” she begins. “My family came, and we had a rainy-day picnic in the lounge, and it didn’t feel like we were sitting in a trailer at all.”

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Thank you, Patricia, for sharing your home with us, and to Parker and Bethany for sharing this project!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.

Correction: An earlier version mistakenly left out credit to designer Mike Beganyi who helped us with initial spatial layout and created a floor plan.