Before and After: This Cold, Concrete Balcony Gets an Easy $200 Upgrade

published Apr 27, 2018
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(Image credit: Van Stur)

A balcony—any balcony—is a fabulous thing to have, but this particular one was described by its resident as “cold, concrete,” which seems totally fair. After a quick trip to IKEA and a nursery, a reader transformed this petite outdoor space into an inviting oasis amidst all the concrete, all for less than $200!

(Image credit: Van Stur)

This is such an irresistible spot now! I would love to sip a spritz at this table while gazing at all the city action and admiring the sunset. The excellent floor alone—IKEA RUNNEN acacia outdoor decking, $29.99 for 9 square feet—transforms the space, giving it a deck-like feel. It seems like it would be pleasant to be barefoot on, unlike the original concrete.

The acacia and steel TÄRNÖ table is the perfect size, slim but large enough to hold the essentials, while the chairs look like particularly comfortable outdoor models. Furthermore, all of the furnishings are below the height of the window sill, meaning that they won’t interrupt the view from indoors.

This makeover was completed by reader Van Stur:

It cost me about 200$. Two days of work. Friend helped me to drill holes for wall grid. I love everything: color is warmer, it feels more natural, overall look is much pleasing.

The color is so much warmer, while the remaining white will feel cool on hot days. The plants add quite a bit of life, and can be admired from the indoors as well, while the eclectic pots add color and personality. If Van Stur decides to have plants grow up the trellis, the results will be stunning. And if not, the trellis is still attractively graphic and natural.

Thinking of tackling a similar project yourself? Here’s some easy-to-follow advice:

Just do it!

Thank you, Van Stur!