Small Bedroom Ideas: 5 Tips For Tiny Sleep Spaces

published Apr 12, 2014
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Bedrooms are a place for resting, for reading, for getting down. And besides a bed and a lamp, there’s nothing else that must go into it. So there are a lot of options for how much or how little you want to incorporate. We’ve gone the route of keeping it simple with no artwork; just dark walls, patterned curtains and a white bed. But there are lots of options for packing style into a small space:

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(Image credit: Decor8)
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1. Add One Punch Of Pattern
Keep everything simple but add a colorful headboard, some wallpaper behind the bed, a great patterned duvet or a fun rug. Instead of trying to layer the whole room just keep it simple.

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2. Pack in Storage
If you just won’t ever be the minimal type but are stuck with a tiny closet for a bedroom, add storage in concentrated ares by adding a bookcase behind the bed. It will add pattern and texture to your room and you won’t have to look at it while you’re falling asleep. If you live in earthquake country, though, either make sure it’s bolted to the wall and books won’t fall on you or put the bookshelf on another wall!

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3. Go Dark
Painting the room a darker color is counter-intuitive, but the dark grey we chose makes the room feel like its own world. And since it already gets great light we don’t have to worry about it feeling too dark. We paired the dark walls with crisp white sheets so that the bed becomes the focal point and it’s all about relaxing.

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4. Have a Great Bed
Why not forgo all other pieces of furniture and just invest in a beautiful bed that fills up the room and speaks for itself.

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5. Lighting
Even if space is at a premium, mount lights to the walls, have an uplight but make sure you’ve got more than one bulb (on the ceiling) otherwise no one is going to look good.

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