How This TikToker Created Storage in Her Less-than-11-Square-Foot Entryway

published May 22, 2023
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Your entryway can make or break your mood at the end of a long day. Ideally, the space is beautiful and useful, a peaceful way to welcome yourself home. But what do you do when your entry is the size of a postage stamp and there’s nowhere to hang your coat, let alone drop your shoes? 

At first glance, the entry hallway of London-based TikToker Maddie Borge looks like it couldn’t be used for more than just passing through. The 1-square-meter, or roughly 11-square-foot space, is actually even tighter than it appears because of the clearance needed to open the door. 

While Borge felt lucky to find an apartment in the competitive London rental market, she knew she needed to research small-space living to make the most of her home. She spent hours reading about Japanese organization systems and fell in love with their innovative solutions for small spaces. Borge applied what she learned to her entryway in this TikTok, part of her popular small living series, and found these three space-saving solutions.

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Yamazaki Home

The first challenge Borge tackles is shoe storage. Taking off your shoes when you come home saves time on cleaning and feels cozy, but if there’s no space to store them, they can be a tripping hazard. Plus, loose shoes in the hallway “just didn’t look nice,” says Borge. She solves this problem with a Yamazaki shoe rack, which allows her to store five pairs of shoes stacked vertically, with a footprint (pun intended) of less than half a square foot. She can open the door fully without hitting the rack, and guests often comment on how clever it is. “Every time I walk by it, I think, ‘Good decision,’” says Borge of the solution.

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was $6.89

Next, Borge installed renter-friendly command hooks to hang umbrellas and bags. One hook holds up to 3 pounds of weight, which Borge says is plenty, as a large bag wouldn’t fit in the space anyway. If your bags are heavier than hers, these transparent hooks are a great alternative, as they can hold up to 33 pounds.

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Yamazaki Home

Borge and her partner store their coats in a shared wardrobe, but it’s “full to the brim” of clothes for four seasons, she says, with no space for guest coats. “Friends placed dirty jackets on our bed,” says Borge, because they had no other option. To make her apartment guest-friendly, Borge utilizes another Yamazaki product: an over-the-door hook with space for up to six hangers, perfect for keeping damp London coats off her duvet. When guests leave, the hook folds flush, causing no damage to the door or wall.

With three simple purchases and no DIY-ing required, Borge transformed a space that seemed unusable into a fully functional entry — not just for her partner and herself, but also for guests. And for less than $100, you can recreate the look, too.

Borge and her partner are moving into a new space, so follow @macerlyofficial for plenty of new organizing wins like this one.