A 248-Square-Foot Estonia Studio Apartment Is the Blueprint for Small-Space Living

published Jun 9, 2023

A 248-Square-Foot Estonia Studio Apartment Is the Blueprint for Small-Space Living

published Jun 9, 2023
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Owning a home was a massive dream for Liisi Väli, who runs an interior design blog. After years of searching for small spaces while saving money, she finally found a studio apartment in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia. 

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Credit: Liisi Väli

“At first, I was looking for a space at least 350 square feet, but when I saw this tiny space, I felt like this was it; I saw the potential,” Väli writes. “The place was tiny, but the high ceiling made it feel more spacious.”

Credit: Liisi Väli

When Väli describes her space as tiny, she means it. The entire apartment, which is situated in an old wooden house built in 1912, only spans 248 square feet. But it feels much bigger because of innovative, DIY renovations, like her dad installing a wall to separate her bedroom area from the living room. 

Credit: Liisi Väli

After six years of living in her home, it’s fair to say that Väli has mastered the art of small-space living. And her advice for others is simple: “If you live in a tiny space, it is extra important to stay organized. So, my motto has been to only bring home stuff I absolutely love. When shopping, I have started to ask myself if I would keep this thing in my life for many years to come. With this method I have been able to create a home that looks and feels perfect to me.”


Credit: Liisi Väli


  • Wallpaper “Raphael” — Sandberg
  • Sofa — Local store
  • Decorative pillows — DIY
  • Roll pillow — Local store
  • Ottoman — DIY
  • Zebra rug — Local store
  • Antique shelf — Thrifted
  • Lamps — Thrifted
  • Chandelier — Local store
  • Old Italian cabinet — Thrifted
  • Face vase — H&M Home
  • White marble tray — H&M Home
  • Small table — Thrifted
  • Faux olive tree — Jysk
  • Serafina bust — Lene Bjerre
  • Curtains — Thrifted
  • Baskets — Local store
Credit: Liisi Väli


  • Antique table — Thrifted
  • Antique chair — Thrifted
  • Ottoman (I added the trim) — Local store
  • Small oven — Schlosser
  • Wood wall rack — Iris Hantverk
  • Antique wall shelf — Thrifted
  • Lamps — Local store
  • Nordborg mirror (DIY gold-leafed) — Jysk
Credit: Liisi Väli


  • Wallpaper “Pink Rose Bush” — Photowall.com 
  • Artwork — Mostly thrifted, portrait paintings by my sister Saara Väli
  • Bed — Sleepwell
  • Headboard — DIY
  • Egeby nightstand — Jysk
  • Decorative pillows — DIY
  • Carlotta bedding set — Hemtex
  • Blodlönn mirrors — IKEA
  • Vintage bar cart — Thrifted
  • Lamps — Thrifted
  • Chandelier — Local store
  • Curtains — DIY
Credit: Liisi Väli


  • Wallpaper — Local store
  • Shower curtain — H&M Home
  • Artwork — Saara Väli
  • Laundry rack — DIY by my dad
  • Basket — Pepco
  • Vase — Thrifted

Thanks, Liisi!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.
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