7 Laundry Hampers That Make the Most of Your Small Space

updated Apr 5, 2023
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When planning out a room layout, typically the laundry hamper is the focal point of the space and everything works around that. We’re kidding, we’re kidding. Laundry hampers are one of the most utilitarian things in a home, and they can certainly cause some snafus when it comes to design — especially if you don’t have a laundry room or even the space for just one more thing in the bathroom or closet. So where to put your dirty clothes when all hope seems lost? We have some ideas. Luckily for us apartment dwellers, many companies have taken this concern into consideration and created an array of small space hampers even the smallest space can incorporate. From stylish wicker hampers that sneakily fit into tight corners to wall-mounted options that practically make laundry disappear (if only), here are seven of our favorite hampers for the space conscious among us.

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Slide this hamper into that unused corner of your bathroom or bedroom and sigh with relief. It even comes with an interior drawstring bag so you can do laundry easily.

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If a floor hamper is just not an option in your small space, a hanging hamper is the way to go. This seamless option hangs on the back of any door, taking up zero floor space and folding completely flat when empty. The wide mouth opening lets you easily toss in clothes and you can even pick up the bag and carry it to the wash on laundry day.

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This leaning rack takes up little floor room and is perfect for tight spaces in bathrooms or near dressers, as it also features a hanging space. Use it to hang towels post-shower and just pop your dirty clothes in the bin when needed.

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West Elm
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This sleek and chic wall-mounted option will definitely save you floor space, and won't allow you to overfill — so you'll be forced to do laundry on a semi-regular schedule (fortunately or unfortunately).

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Sure, this option looks like a typical hamper, but the double compartment can be a lifesaver for couples — and truly does make the most use of your space. With removable laundry bags in each compartment, it's perfect for couples or roommates who have different laundry habits. (Or one person who has a ton of dry-clean-only things.)

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This unit serves double-duty as a towel and bathroom organizer and laundry hamper. The hamper liner is removable for easy access and keeps your dirty clothes hidden away. Plus, the bamboo construction just looks really good.

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Hang this hamper over your closet door for more organization and a place to throw your dirty clothes. (Just make sure not to overfill the bag!) It comes with a wood shelf for extra storage — plus, it's on sale right now!