10 Storage Solutions When You Seriously Have No Space

published Aug 10, 2021
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Fact: If you live in a small apartment, you just never have enough space. That might be true for those in homes, too, but studio and city apartment dwellers know how close to home (pun intended) that one hits. Those who fall into the latter category are very likely tight on closet space — that is, if they even have an actual closet at all. But sneaky storage items can be your small-space MVPs. From mirrors to footstools to shelves, there’s a range of pieces that discreetly offer the extra storage you’re in need of, all while managing to be super chic! Shop these options and your home might feel a teensy bit bigger.

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No room for a nightstand? No worries. This clever bedside caddy will keep all your essentials (think: your eyeglasses, journal, water bottle, and more) close by as you snooze and charge your phone. The clutter killer has two chargers and fits most mattresses.

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West Elm

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the best storage of them all? The answer is this 360 swivel mirror that doubles as a linen-covered pinboard, where you can hang jewelry, photos, notes, and other mementos.

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Tight on storage? Take to the walls with help from this set of floating industrial-inspired shelves. Bonus: You can hang them in either direction for a truly dynamic display.

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Don’t let the storage area under your sink go to waste in a jumbled chaos of plastic bags and cleaning products. We’ve raved before about how this handy shelf helps keep your cleaning items and other supplies nice and tidy, allowing you to fit a lot more. Plus, thanks to its expandable width, it works under sinks both large and small.

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Chances are the side of your fridge has lots of untapped potential. This magnetized refrigerator organizer helps you take advantage, easily housing everything from spices and condiments to paper towels and more, making up for a lack of cabinet space.

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You can truly put your feet up and relax with this ottoman, knowing there’s extra storage hiding under the lid. With a design so sleek and modern, no one will ever know.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
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Under-the-bed storage is the MVP of small dwellings. Not only is it out of sight and out of mind, but it can easily double the amount of usable space in your bedroom. These storage bags help you maximize that prime real estate, boasting zipper closures that will keep everything from shoes to out-of-season clothes dust-free and hidden.

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Home Depot

There's a lot more to this piece than just your average medicine cabinet. Sure, it can store cosmetics and toiletries, but also folds down to transform into a makeshift surface, instantly turning it into a vanity (complete with a mirror!).

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Talk about shower power! Whether you use it as a liner or curtain, this best list winner stores shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and other items, which is crucial if you have a small shower sans shelving.

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Think of this as a personal shopper meets storage piece — it can hold pants, shirts, or a jacket, plus it has room for accessories like belts or ties, in addition to a tray on the bottom for your shoes. It’ll make putting together outfits (not to mention storing your closet overflow) a lot easier.