I Just Discovered a Hidden Feature on My Food Storage Containers

published Jul 30, 2023
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Credit: suzanne clements/Stocksy

Food storage is such a big part of kitchen organization. Whether it’s decanting dry goods into modular containers in the pantry, finding ways to file frozen food in the freezer, or placing leftovers in smaller containers on a certain shelf on the fridge, strategizing ways to store food pays off with less food waste and a smoothly running kitchen.

One choice that streamlines food storage is deciding on a particular type of container for various needs. Not only does this eliminate decisions when it comes to purchasing new items, but it also helps maximize space because you can easily stack like with like. In addition to OXO Pop containers for pantry goods, I love to store frozen items that I’ll heat in the Instant Pot in large round deli containers, and I purposely use only one type of food storage container for leftovers. 

Several years ago, I upgraded my mismatched plastic food storage containers to Snapware, a brand of glass containers with snap-on lids. I love that I can take them from the freezer to the oven and that I can toss the glass portions in the dishwasher on any level without worrying about them warping and that I never have to combat plastic container stains or odors from leftovers like spaghetti sauce or curry. 

They’re leakproof and airtight, keeping all kinds of food fresh and securely contained, even on-the-go. I also appreciate the elevated portion on the perimeter of the lids because this keeps stacked containers steady. Additionally, the snap-on lids don’t stretch out or tear like my previous glass food storage lids did. 

Recently, I noticed a hidden feature that I can’t believe I never noticed before! Each lid has a small note embossed on the plastic lid. It says, “Write here” with a cute little icon of a pencil. A lightbulb went off. 

I’ve used grease pencils in the past to label certain types of food storage containers. While they’re great for writing on any surface and they don’t get smeared in wet environments like the fridge or freezer, they do require a bit of work to get off of a surface (I use a Magic Eraser), so I don’t usually use the method for everyday purposes. Labeling with my label maker is too time-consuming and expensive to use for such temporary content. Painter’s tape and a Sharpie is a great solution, but I don’t always have the discipline to pull out the tape and marker. 

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

But labeling the contents of food storage containers is so important for ensuring that the leftovers or other food contents get used before they go bad. Knowing that I can write directly on the lid with a dry-erase marker, or a wet-erase marker for increased staying power, eliminates any excuse that keeps me from labeling my food storage container with contents and the use-by date. 

I still get tickled every time I use this awesome feature that takes food storage organization to the next level in such a low-lift but highly effective way.