The $16 “SockDock” Solves the Most Annoying Laundry Problem

published Sep 2, 2019
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I love to shop for clothes, but I hate—and I mean hate—buying socks. There’s no fun in the process and every sock shopping trip (or, in my case, Amazon purchase) is a reminder that, once again, you’ve lost all your socks.

Somewhere between the hamper and the washing machine and the dryer, socks simply disappear. After a few months, all you’re left with is a pile of random, unmatched single socks and the realization that yes, once again, you have to go buy new socks. Enter: the SockDock, a solution to all your sock-losing problems.

The SockDock looks kind of like a long, giant tie hanger made of string—except there’s a decorative plastic foot at the top of it (naturally). You can hang it in your closet or bathroom, attach all your dirty socks to it, and then remove the plastic foot part and throw the string and socks right into the washer when you’re ready to wash them all. This means all your socks stay together, no matter what. No more lost socks. No more mismatched pairs. (I know. It’s a revelation.)

If you’re feeling really fancy, you could even adopt a full SockDock system: Leave one SockDock hanging in the closet for your clean socks, so you can easily find them when you need them rather than blindly digging for them in the back of your underwear drawer (just me?). And put your second SockDock near the hamper to collect your dirty socks that are ready for the wash. When the hamper SockDock is full, wash it, then hang it up in the closet as a clean stash, rotating the (now probably empty) closet dock to hamper duty.

Credit: Amazon

At only $16 for two, this thing is totally worth it. Plus, it’ll save you money on buying new socks every six months. And as of right now, the SockDock has hundreds of reviews on Amazon that are mostly 5-star rave reports on the product, proving that this thing might just be the real deal.

Take one review from prolific Amazon customer Patience:

“Ironically, I originally purchased this for myself to organize my increasing number of charter socks because sorting and folding takes much longer when you’ve got a Hufflepuff sock in one hand and a ‘no drama llama’ sock in the other; but what you’re really after is the missing partner to the penguin reading Shakespeare sock! Well, the best-laid plans of mice and men and all that; my husband saw the sock organizer and wanted to know what the ‘plastic foot hanger with buttons and strings’ was, so I explained it. Next thing I know he’s made off with the unloaded hanger and every night another pair of his socks gets loaded into it.”

It’s hard to say whether the SockDock will change your life quite as much as it has Patience and her husband’s (it probably won’t), but it just might do the trick when it comes to the annoying habit of losing socks.