This $27 Amazon Luggage Rack Will Be the Unsung Hero of Your Guest Bedroom

published Jan 14, 2024
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Everyone wants to be the type of host who makes guests feel like they are welcome to feel at home throughout their visit. Whenever a guest comes to stay overnight, it almost feels like a friendly, unspoken challenge: Is it possible to make this person feel cozy and appreciated? After all, when you care for guests who come to stay, you want them to feel it. But usually, reality sets in to put your efforts into perspective. 

There often isn’t enough space for guests these days. It’s a luxury to have access to a guest room, let alone a dresser with an empty drawer or two. In the days leading up to a guest’s arrival — frenzied, too-short hours of scrubbing, grocery shopping, and cleaning like your home always looks presentable — you might lament that there are only a couple of empty hangers in an available closet, or just a few inches to spare on the bathroom vanity. That’s where this luggage rack comes in. 

I live in a one-bedroom apartment, and there’s only one closet. I wish I were the type of person who had a capsule wardrobe, but I’m not, so there isn’t a lot of empty space to go around. But when guests visit, I have the next-best thing in this steel-framed luggage rack from Amazon. 

Why This Luggage Rack Is a Must-Have for Guests

Not only is it sleek enough to fit within a few feet of an empty wall, but the first assembly also takes less than 15 minutes to put together (all parts and tools are included). It can easily hold one open luggage case, and when the trip is through, I can just as seamlessly tuck this rack into the back of my closet. Another perk? Guests are welcome to put their unused shoes beneath the rack, so everything they brought along stays in one place. Obviously, if they want to use a hanger or three for wrinkle-prone shirts or outerwear, they’re welcome to those, because being a host means staying nimble. 

Credit: Kelly Dawson

A luggage rack is worthwhile in your home for the same reason it’s a staple inside hotel rooms: They save your guest’s back from bending over and rummaging through a luggage case on the floor, and they’re lightweight enough to move out of the way if needed. I like the idea of having this on hand for any guest, but I’m particularly aware of how beneficial it can be for older loved ones, children, and those with disabilities. I want my home to be comfortable, calm, and safe for all who are fortunate enough to get on the guest list, and this luggage rack is a simple way to make that possible. 

So, if you have upcoming hosting duties, consider picking up this luggage rack as part of your prep. It instantly shows that you’ve considered your guest’s stay down to the details — look at how on top of it you are — and they’ll appreciate the small but significant way it makes them feel welcome in your home. 

Buy: Songmics Luggage Rack, $26.99 (normally $31.53)