This $13, Super Absorbent, Fast-Drying Bath Mat Makes My Bathroom Feel Like a Luxe Spa

published Apr 6, 2023
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My least favorite part of showering is stepping out of the warm, spa-like shower onto a bath mat. In my previous experience at my childhood home, college, and New York City, the bath mat was often still damp from the previous shower. This is a major ick for me. I can’t stand stepping out onto a wet, slimy bath mat. I’ve been sharing a bathroom with at least one other occupant (but sometimes as many as three) for my entire life and I have prolonged my showers to avoid this exact situation.

When I moved in with my boyfriend last year, neither of us had a good bath mat that we wanted to bring into the new apartment. Because of the aforementioned experience, I didn’t see the use in buying an expensive bath mat. I had bad experiences with memory foam mats and the fluffiest rugs, so I didn’t have high hopes, but as a good shopping editor, I still did my due diligence in trying to find the best option for us.

I scoured Amazon’s website for my ideal bath mat and stumbled upon the SONORO Kate Bathroom Rug, which currently costs only $13, and comes in a variety of colors (I opted for gray).

Although it might look like your typical bath mat, it’s actually by far the best one I’ve ever owned. It has nearly 10,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, which is a feat in and of itself. It boasts a non-slip backing (a non-negotiable feature for me), is made out of individual polyester shags that are quite plush, and it’s washer and dryer-friendly (some reviewers have had issues drying this rug; I personally air-dry mine). Plus, it comes in several different sizes — I opted for the 17″ by 24″ because I have a small NYC bathroom.

I never thought I’d fall in love with a bath mat, but after nearly six months of use, this rug is still as good as the day that I bought it. Even if I shower right after my boyfriend, the bath mat feels dry, which feels like a miracle. And to put this mat to the ultimate test, sometimes I squeeze out my wet hair over it — because I have thick, porous hair, so it’s hard to get the water out of it. Even after drenching my rug with a substantial amount of water, I still can’t tell it’s wet. It’s the superhero of my bathroom. And don’t just take my word for it, reviewers love it, too.

“I have two and they are perfect,” A reviewer wrote, “Plush and soft and offer great protection from slipping and the floor from being wet.”

And right now, you can save even more, because this affordable bath mat is on sale.

Buy: SONORO KATE Bathroom Rug, 32″ x 20″, $12.74 (normally $14.99)