Spice Jar Lids Have a Not-So-Secret Feature That We’re Just Finding Out About — And It’s Totally Brilliant

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Credit: Sarah Crowley

I have a spice rack in my kitchen that I am very, very proud of. All of the little jars are the same size and shape, with matching labels on the lids that make it easy to spot and grab whatever spice or seasoning I need. While this certainly is aesthetically pleasing, the real reason I set up this rack is because I truly hate the plastic bottles that your seasonings come in. They don’t make for a pleasant user experience, and when you go to shake them while you cook, nothing really comes out — or you end up with a huge mess. So I quit the battle and made my own setup. Yet now, after finding out this clever spice jar trick, I’m wondering if all my work to make the perfect spice rack has gone to waste.

Here’s the hack: Instead of shaking that seasoning or spice jar on top of your plate, pot, or pan, twist the lid back and forth. Yes, just like you would with a pepper mill or a salt grinder; you pinch the plastic perforated top with your thumb and pointer finger, gently twist, and the seasoning will come out effortlessly and evenly.

This tip was shared on Instagram by Aaron Turk from @fatsdabarber, who hilariously seasons an empty plate with dried herbs and spices and continues to repeat, “I just learned this today,” as he twists different jars with wide, exasperated eyes. “You could have been twisting the top this whole time,” he says, his voice full of shock and joy.

Fellow home cooks are sharing how “mind-blown” they are in the comments of Turk’s post. “You mean to tell me all that splashing I’ve been doing all these years of cooking, I could have saved myself all the cleaning around the stovetop counter? Oh crap, it works, just tested it,” writes one follower. “I’m sorry for all the mean things I’ve said to my spice jars,” jokes another.

Needless to say, if you’ve been getting arm cramps every time you shake your seasonings and spices — and end up with a messy countertop because of it — we apologize that you only just had to learn this today.

This post originally ran on The Kitchn. See it there: Your Spice Jar Lids Have a Not-So-Secret Feature That Everyone Is Just Finding Out About — And It’s Totally Brilliant