4 Spice Storage Ideas for a More Organized Kitchen

published Oct 30, 2022
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The fall season is here with its crisp mornings and cozy evenings, and you know what that means: lots of baking and cooking. Maybe it’s the comfort or the tradition, but this is the time of year when more time is spent in the kitchen preparing elaborate meals and delectable desserts. But before cooking can begin, let’s get those spices organized.

First, you must decide if you’re keeping spices in their original containers or investing in matching ones. This comes down to your preference and budget. I love the look of matching containers, but it’s not a necessity.

Now go around, find all of your spices, and bring them out into an open space. You’ll need to check every expiration date and toss what’s expired. After that, check for duplicates and combine them if you can. Now for the fun part: organizing them back into one space, all nice and tidy. Here are four ways to organize your spices, based on your preferences.

Organizing Spices in a Cabinet

Probably the most popular way to store your spices is in a cabinet, preferably close to your cooking or prep area. A major problem when it comes to cabinets is that spices can get easily lost behind others when just stacked in there without a system.

I recommend using either a spice riser or a spice rack. That way, everything is easy to see and access. From there you can order them alphabetically, or my preferred method is by frequency of use. So salt and pepper will be in the front, whereas thyme and bay leaves sit in the back.

Organizing Spices in a Drawer

If you don’t have the cabinet space or prefer something a little different, a drawer is another great way to organize your spices. For this, the spices would be lying on their side so that you can clearly see their front labels. To keep them from rolling around and getting out of place, try using either a slanted drawer rack or a spice drawer liner.

Organizing Spices in a Basket

Now I know not everyone has ample amounts of cabinet or drawer space in their home. So this is where a basket comes in quite handy. Find a small-to-midsize basket that fits your style, label the tops of each spice jar, and place them all in the basket. The labels on top are key to see what everything is. Then that basket can either sit on a shelf or even on top of your fridge.

Organizing Spices on a Wall Rack

And last but not least: using the vertical space in your kitchen to install a mounted spice rack. For this method, I highly recommend matching spice jars, because it’s more pleasing to the eye, as well as a less cluttered. Whatever way you choose, make sure it works for you and your daily lifestyle.