This Is the $8 Party Decor Staple from Target That Everyone Should Own

published Apr 24, 2023
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dining area and living room view
Credit: Erin Derby

I love to host. Birthdays, Thanksgivings, game days — you name it, I’m finding a way to blow it out into something big. And every time I host a gathering in my one-bedroom apartment, I think, “Wow, I’m exhausted, I don’t know when I’ll do this again.” Two weeks later, though, I’m itching for the next excuse to have people over. Given that my apartment isn’t large, any party supplies I keep on hand need to be indispensable, multi-purpose, or small enough that they take up very little room to store. Linen napkins are squirreled away in the top kitchen cabinets, mixing bowls get filled with chips when duty calls, and drink pitchers hold fresh flowers when not being used for batched cocktails. One item that’s stuck around far longer than I thought possible though? A customizable faux gold glitter paper banner, which snuck its way into just about every celebration I’ve had since I picked it up at Target about a year ago for just $8. 

Credit: Caroline Mullen

Initially, I bought this banner for a friends’ birthday, not realizing just how much use I’d get out of a budget-friendly set of glittery paper letters. Since then, I’ve trotted it out for numerous occasions, and I even purchased a second one to ensure I always have the right amount of letters, numbers, and space for spelling out greetings and messages. I’ve used it for at least five birthdays (including my own), to spell out “Happy Halloween” across a backdrop of flying paper bats, in celebration of a future Mrs. both at a bridal shower and a bachelorette, to cheer on the Eagles during the super bowl, and in a pinch for a surprise engagement party. I’m not usually one for saving unnecessary party leftovers (like say, half-burned birthday candles or the end of a roll of crepe paper), but when cleaning up after each occasion, I immediately swoop in to discreetly stash my banner back in its bag to be used at the next function. 

This banner comes in glittery yellow gold (which I think goes with everything) as well as rose gold. Both finishes coordinate with almost the entirety of Target’s “Spritz” line of party supplies. That means you can rest assured that this $8 investment will work just as well at a kids’ dinosaur-themed party as it will for a spring baby shower. The letters attach with tiny clear fasteners (which, admittedly, are pretty finicky — just be patient while “writing” out your message). So you don’t need to custom-cut a piece of string, and the banner can be stored as a phrase or as individual pieces. 

Credit: Caroline Mullen

I keep mine in a gallon Ziploc for easy transportation, with an extra snack bag inside corralling the fasteners. To attach the banner to the wall, you can insert push pins through the empty holes on each end, or my go-to way to hang it is just with wall-safe Scotch tape. Mine are still holding up exceedingly well for all the use they’ve gotten, and I plan to use them for every occasion until they fall apart … but I have a feeling that will be a long way away. 

Buy: Spritz Create Your Own Gold Faux Glitter Banner, $8