Stefanie & Mike’s Heavenly Hollywoodland Home

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Name: Stefanie and Mike
Location:Hollywoodland — Los Angeles, California
Size: 1800 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years — owned

Stefanie and Mike are cast perfectly for their role in this charming two bedroom home. Stefanie an actress with a talent for design and Mike a handy and thoughtful husband with a flair for surprises have managed to capture a little bit of that old Hollywood charm. Walking into their home felt like walking into the golden age of Hollywood where all plot lines ended neatly wrapped. With hundreds of roses in full bloom, the sun in all its Los Angeles glory, and a golden retriever waiting at the door, from the gate I knew this house was a charmer!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You can’t deny it, every piece in this home inspires visions of cottage life, cozy book reading, and a shabby chic seasoned life. Then there’s a little extra something from that 50s sensibility that comes so easy to Los Angelenos. Stefanie has a knack for pulling pieces together and letting them sing. She is comfortable using antique German family heirlooms (which formerly lived in a castle) with parking lot finds from the spectacular Rose Bowl market. Why not?! The layering of these histories and personal connection to the pieces only adds sentimentality to the visually exciting juxtapositions.

Mike adds his own Midas touch by surprising the leading lady every once in a while. His biggest boffo build out happened when he turned their garage into a luxurious Morrocan tent inspired dressing room for Stefanie. It was a complete surprise with layered rugs, hanging canopies, twinkling lights, a boudoir mirror and settee all set up while Stefanie was gone for the day. I may have just met them, but I definitely see some of that classic movie romance in this Hollywoodland piece of heaven.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Antiques mixed with modern mixed with things I can afford from the ROSE BOWL!

Inspiration: My mother and Europe

Favorite Element: Color

Biggest Challenge: Fitting everything in!

What Friends Say: “Your place is so warm and cozy.” I love hearing that.

Biggest Embarrassment: Kitchen. It is so small and we haven’t really “attacked” the project yet. Closets.

Proudest DIY: Painting and hiding electrical wires and cables.

Biggest Indulgence: Antique French Wall Sconces

Best Advice: Simple but always add color for warmth. Fill your house with things you love.

Dream Sources: Spain, Morocco, a house in the Provence, France, beach house in the Caribbean.

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Resources of Note: Rose Bowl and Ebay is an absolute MUST for me.


    • thing: source
    • We have an old 16th Century small Cabinet from a castle in Germany that was a Bible holder.
    Inherited antiques from family. Inspiriation of antiques comes from my mother and my European heritage.


    • Fabrics on the sofa are sarongs from all over the world.
    • I love taking white Ikea furniture because it is inexpensive and then transforming it with color I.e pillows and fabrics. I.E Sofa
    • My favorite corner is the chair with the side table a found at a second hand store, seashells and pale blue lamps with a turqoise frame. All my favorite different shades of green and blue in one corner
    • Art Deco shelf is my biggest find from the Rose bowl


    • Old antique table we painted white to make the small space bigger.
    • Chandelier from rose bowl


    • Antique French Prints on wall from my family
    • French antique Wall sconces from ebay
    • I love white furniture and then adding color with pillows and fabrics. It is also very easy on the budget!
    •Lamps. Self-made. I took different parts from a lamp store and put two things together to make one lamp.


    • HomemadeTurquoise Cabinets. Surprise from Mike because my favorite color is Turquoise. He painted it while I was away.

    • French print Toile Curtain.


    • Front Steps painted in a Benjamin Moore Barn Red.


    • Antique Cabinet with porcelain collection.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanks, Stefanie and Mike!

Images: Gregory Sparks

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