This $20 Storage Find Adds So Much Extra Storage Space to Your Bedroom

published Sep 15, 2023
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Whether you live in a minimalist studio apartment or a spacious home, chances are a little extra storage space is always welcome. If your closet is full to bursting (solidarity!), consider taking advantage of the neglected space under the bed. 

The area is prime real estate for a wardrobe expansion, and Organization Award-winner Sterilite 66 Quart Stadium Blue Ultra Storage Boxes can keep the under-the-bed chaos both contained and easily accessible. 

The problem with under-bed storage is that it can be a hassle to dig what you need out from the depths. The Sterilite box solves this problem with its set of wheels. The sturdy little rollers make it so easy to access the bins that you can store things you use regularly, like shoes or even exercise gear.

To keep dust off your new collection of sweaters, the Sterilite box comes with a secure lid. Each hinged side covers half the surface area of the box and opens on either end. You can squeeze in as many small items as you like, and they’ll be accessible vertically. You won’t even have to pull the bin out of its hiding place to reach them. 

Seasonal items are especially ideal here. The box can free up space in your closet by housing out-of-season items, or — if you’re short on space — the boxes can take the place of a dresser, keeping your folded clothing out of sight but still within arm’s reach. 

The bins are stackable, too, which means you can, for example, store winter boxes under the bed and swap them for spring boxes from the garage when the season changes (if you’re lucky enough to have the extra storage space). The sturdy, locking handles make transporting the bins easy and they keep the lid securely in place.

You won’t even have to label the Sterilite boxes! The clear lid and base make the contents visible from every angle. Unless you sleep in a loft or low-profile platform bed, Sterilite 66 Quart Stadium Blue Ultra Storage Boxes are a smart way to maximize every inch of space in your bedroom. 

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