TikTok Is Here to Remind You That Stock Tank Pools Are Cool (Literally)

published Apr 28, 2023
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Four modular chairs around table next to stock tank pool

Although spring just arrived, summer is nearing, and it’ll be a fortunate time to live near a body of water… or have one in your backyard. Installing a pool in-ground is an expensive project, and purchasing an inflatable pool just doesn’t hit the same. Luckily, one TikToker had an idea to build a functional pool with a stock tank.

On her TikTok, Arin Solange (@arinsolange) purchased an 8-foot stock tank from a local tractor supply store and started her DIY.

After using a flex seal to ensure that it wouldn’t rust, Arin painted pink and white stripes around the entirety of the pool. Once two holes were drilled into the pool’s side, she added the pool’s filter, chlorine filter, pump, and a strainer to install the pump before sealing it with silicone caulk. According to her blog post, the products cost her roughly $950.

In her comment section, some were questioning if the stock pool’s metallic surface overheats in the summer, but she confirmed that it doesn’t get hot. Stock tanks — which are usually used to provide water to livestock — is a galvanized metal steel tub. This isn’t the first time that stock tank pools have been a popular alternative to a regular pool. In 2020, stock tank pools were spotted all over Instagram, and people really knew how to style them.

As if the pool wasn’t cute enough, the landscaping around Arin’s pool caught the eye of many TikTok users in the comment section, and she shared all the details of building her beachy backyard oasis.

The combination of landscaping rocks, solar lights, and a roll of artificial grass resulted in a dreamy walkway to any pool party or celebration. And she added an umbrella and two chairs for a shady, lounging area by the pool, which is necessary for any sunny day. Although this project seems like a lot of work, having a pool like Arin’s is an inspiration to take on the DIY or purchase an above-ground pool.