This Sleek Makeup Organizer with More Than 20,000 5-Star Reviews Will Give You a Department Store-Worthy Setup

published Sep 21, 2022
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Credit: Minette Hand

It’s the universal question: Where the #*&! did my chapstick go? (Or mascara, or eyeliner, or [insert bitsy beauty item here].) If you’re constantly one step away from losing your Burt’s Bees (and your mind) for the fifteenth time today, you’re not alone. I swear, most of my beauty budget is put towards buying items again and again not just because I love them, but because I lose them.

A grab-and-go makeup bag worked for the decade I lived in a tiny New York City apartment, but now that I live in the suburbs (and have a very handsy toddler) I’m definitely in need of something a bit more substantial to corral all my beauty and skincare basics. Finding the right organizer is a task that’s easier said than done. It should be roomy enough for the majority of my products to be stored upright but not so large that I have to clear out an entire shelf or cabinet to house it; it needs to be easy to clean, because we all know spills and crushed blush palettes are a fact of life; and it needs to keep my products visible and accessible. Too much to ask? Nay, I say.

Enter: STORi’s Audrey Stackable Clear Plastic Organizer Drawers from Amazon. I typically put a lot of faith in Amazon reviews when choosing products (if it works for them, it’ll probably work for me), and this one has over 20,000 five-star reasons to believe it’s a great buy. Made from crystal-clear BPA-free plastic, this duo of drawers (each is 4.5″ tall, though they come in larger sizes as well) are made to house all your beauty essentials. They stack seamlessly (and securely) atop one another and boast easy-glide drawers that make fetching the next step in your routine super easy. And they’re so streamlined and simple that they practically disappear on your countertop or in a cabinet or closet — a great feature for someone like me who can’t stand visual clutter.

When it comes to cosmetic display cases available on Amazon, these babies are the number one buy in the category. Reviewers love their ability to dress up a vanity or bathroom while keeping makeup products organized and streamlined. “I bought these for bottles of face cleanser, spritzers, lotions, face creams, and eye creams,” says one reviewer. “I have two complete product lines in them and still have room for more. I organized my most-used products in these drawers and voila — a neat vanity! They help you stay organized and are sturdy and attractive.”

Makeup storage isn’t their only claim to fame, though. Many buyers report having turned to these pieces to house any number of household items, from coffee pods in a dorm kitchen and detergent pods in the laundry room to kiddo snacks in the pantry and cleaning supplies under the sink. Says another happy buyer, “I purchased four of these to store my watercolor art supplies, including watercolor paper, pens, various sizes of cut paper, etc. They work amazingly well and I could not be happier. Oh, and on the top (you can’t forget the top) you can set up a bit of decor, photos, trinkets, a space for reading glasses, and ponytail holders (for the painting process of course, lol). Love them!”

Personally, I plan on picking up a few for my makeup and several more for our first aid supplies (which are their own brand of chaos) in our linen cabinet. Sephora-level organization, here I come!

Buy: STORi Audrey Stackable Clear Plastic Organizer Drawers, $24.99 (was $27.99)