11 Things Everyone Should Have Somewhere in Their Studio Apartment

published Sep 5, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

Studio apartment dwellers know the challenges of their square footage. Every single inch needs to serve a purpose. Generally, the motto is minimalism first, but if something serves more than one purpose? It’s definitely in. 

From adding storage that doubles as seating to creating the illusion of more light to finding ways to carve out spaces within one open space, here are 11 items everyone should have somewhere in their studio apartment to make their space as efficient and comfortable as possible.

1. Under-the-Bed Storage Bins

If you live in a studio apartment, you’re looking to create storage space at every turn. Under-the-bed storage bins are a lifesaver, particularly if you’re limited on closet space or would rather not dedicate precious wall area to a large dresser. You can store all your clothes in these bins or, if you’re lucky enough to have more room, you can use them for off-season storage, holiday decor, or linens.

2. Full-Length Mirror

Reflecting light in a small space can help your apartment feel larger. Place a full-length mirror across from a window to give the illusion of double the windows and bounce light around your unit. This is a piece you can splurge on, as it’ll look gorgeous in your next (and possibly bigger!) home.

3. Storage Ottoman

Another place to sneak in storage is an ottoman, which can double as a coffee table or side table. If you have room, pair two smaller ottomans together for even more versatility. Use them to store blankets, games, and workout gear. You can put a tray on top if it’s storing items that aren’t used regularly, but they’re also convenient for everyday items. The best part? You can also use them as seating when you’re entertaining.

4. Space-Saving Vacuum Cleaner

When you live in a small space, keeping it tidy and clean does wonders for making the space feel brighter and more comfortable. But you need to keep it clean efficiently — as in, you don’t have space for a large vacuum cleaner or multiple cleaning supplies. A featherweight vacuum will stay out of the way when you’re not using it, but it’s also easy to pull out for daily touchup cleanings.

5. Double-Duty Furniture

Storage ottomans as seating isn’t the only double-duty furniture hack. You could also splurge on a sofa bed for when you have guests, use a dresser as a nightstand, or spring for a side table lamp, where you get exactly what it sounds like — a side table and a lamp in one.

6. Bed Risers

These may take you back to dorm days, but bed risers are a must-have in a studio apartment. You’ll get a few more inches to stack under-bed storage boxes, fit your extra comforter, or even store kitchen appliances if that’s what you’ve run out of room for in your apartment.

7. Sleek Espresso Maker

Every bit of counter space counts in a studio apartment, but you don’t want to give up your morning espresso. A sleek, mini espresso maker will only take up a small footprint in your kitchen while saving you a trip to the coffee shop every morning (and some serious cash, over time).

8. Room Divider

Living in a studio apartment doesn’t stop you from having friends over and entertaining, but you may want to block your bed or even just the place you stashed overflow items. In those cases, a room divider will add a stylish, textural touch while serving its purpose. The best part? They’re usually surprisingly affordable — or you can thrift a vintage room divider for an artful moment.

9. Baker’s Rack

Whether you need more storage in the kitchen, or you’re looking for a space to put craft and hobby items or even somewhere to corral work-from-home supplies, a baker’s rack is a multipurpose piece. With multiple shelves and hanging racks, there’s plenty of room for all of your kitchen items — even if your cabinet space is lacking.

10. Mounted Drying Rack

If your studio apartment doesn’t have a washer and dryer, you’re going to need somewhere to dry your clothes, particularly if you end up washing them in your sink in a pinch. A wall-mounted drying rack can hide behind a door, and it gives you plenty of room to dry a load of laundry.

11. Wall-Mounted Nightstand

In some studio apartments, you’re looking for storage at every opportunity. In others, you need to save as much space as possible. For the latter, a minimalist wall-mounted nightstand is the answer to your tiny living dreams. It gives you just enough room for your phone, an alarm clock, and a book, and it keeps your space feeling light and ary.