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61 Subscription Gifts That Are Both Easy and Perfect for Anyone You Know (They’re Great Last-Minute Gifts!)

updated Dec 12, 2023
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The ideal present is all about balance. Yes, you want to make sure your loved one will use and love the gift, but the real trick is ensuring the present is something that they’ll enjoy and one that they wouldn’t usually splurge on for themselves. It should feel like a treat.

That’s why gift-giving can be difficult, especially if it’s for someone you don’t know very well or a loved one who is notoriously hard to shop for (*cough* Dad *cough*). A subscription as a gift is a great way to cover all of the present bases — it’s thoughtful, practical, and literally the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, many subscription gifts are customizable, so the person who’s receiving the gift can pick out their favorite wine, books, or clothing month after month.

If you do happen to know that the person you’re shopping for is interested in very specific things, you can probably find a subscription box for that, too. Whether they’re into gardening, journaling, sewing, or cooking, there are options out there that will make their day again and again. There are also subscription services that are a little more flexible (say, a MasterClass all-access pass or a Disney+ subscription) — things that are considerate and generous, but don’t necessarily require you to know every tiny aspect of someone’s interests and hobbies.

No matter who you’re shopping for, a subscription service is a present that’s sure to surprise and delight again and again. And when it comes to gift-giving, there’s nothing better than that. Below we rounded up 60 of the best subscription gifts your next giftee is sure to love.

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What's better than a surprise in the mail? A surprise book in the mail! Bookscription is a fun book subscription service that'll add a little mystery to your giftee's month. Each month, they'll receive a box containing a used book specially selected for them based on answers to a Reader Questionnaire. Each box will also contain bonus treats like bookplates, bookmarks, stickers, candy, pencils, and postcards making it a true reader's delight!

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Relaxation is in order with this monthly bath goods subscription box. Whoever opens it will be delighted to find everything they could possibly need for some much-needed me-time, including bath bombs, soap scrubs, bath salts, and more. What's more, everything in the boxes is handcrafted in the U.S.

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Help your bestie spruce up their charcuterie boards with this 12-month subscription for Olympia Provisions. Each month, they'll receive a different type of salami to try, along with an info card detailing the best food pairings. It's something delicious for them to look forward to every month.

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For budding plant parents, a plant subscription is a great way to start a plant collection. BloomsyBox will deliver a potted green beauty to their door every month, and all they have to do is give their plant an affectionate name, place it by a light source, and water it.

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Add a little spice to your pal's life with this hot sauce-themed subscription box that delivers the heat each quarter. With Fuego Box, they'll get a selection of full-sized (!!) bespoke hot sauce bottles delivered right to the door, with unique flavor profiles and rare peppers you won't find elsewhere.

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Vinyl Me Please

In case you haven't heard, vinyl records have made a huge comeback. Help the vinyl lover in your life grow out their collection with a subscription to Vinyl Me Please. Each month, your giftee will receive a new record in their choice of genre. Afraid they might not like the record? No worries, your gift recipient can choose to swap the monthly record for a different one of their choosing so they’ll always get something they really love.

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Williams Sonoma

Your BFF will look forward to breakfast each morning once you get them this French pastry subscription. All of the croissants are made by the Le Marais bakery in San Francisco, and they might just be the best ones that don't come out of Paris. Over three months, your giftee will get to try their almond croissants, au beurre croissants, and chocolate croissants.

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Dermstore is known for their wide selection of high-end skincare and makeup. Your friend can get in on the luxury with this beauty box subscription. Each box arrives with at least $100-worth of products from well-known brands, and it includes both full sizes and travel sizes.

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Try the World

This company lets its subscribers try tasty snacks from a variety of countries that they might otherwise have a hard time finding. When you pick your giftee's plan, you can specifically choose which countries you want them to receive snacks from. It's the best kind of taste test to gift!

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If you know someone with a serious sweet tooth, they'll be delighted to receive a gift membership to Doughp's Secret Dough Club. Every month, they'll receive two 8-ounce containers of scrumptious cookie dough in flavors like Peanut Butter Kiss, Strawberry Cheesin', and Brownie Beast. And since it's all egg free, your giftee can safely eat the cookie dough raw (or cooked).

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Whether your loved one has a flourishing outdoor garden or would like to get one going on their balcony, this non-toxic grow kit will protect their blooms and keep pests away. Best List editor Britt tried Arber's products, herself, and found that they made her plants thrive. Once you subscribe to the outdoor kit, you can have it sent straight to your giftee's home and cancel it at any time.

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Looking for a subscription gift for your Kiddo? Check out one of KiwiCo's fun crates! KiwiCo crates are fun gifts because each one is designed by educators and child development professionals but tested (and approved) by kids. Available in all age groups (Koala Crates are made especially for ages 3-4), your kids are guaranteed to have fun while learning. What's better than that?

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Surprise your friend who just moved to the 'burbs with a little taste of home in the form of this city-specific subscription box from Goldbelly. Available as a tribute to several different foodie destinations (including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and more!), it delivers monthly treats from top-notch eateries in the area right to their front door.

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Atlas Tea Club
was $65.00

Beautifully packaged and endlessly tasty, a 3-month subscription to Atlas Tea means many cups of loose leaf tea from farms around the world. Each month's tea also includes a postcard of the origin country as well as notes on flavor and steeping. You can customize the subscription by choosing between three tea types or get a little bit of everything for your giftee with the sampler pack.

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The Glossy Box

If you have a friend who can easily spend hours shopping the shelves at Sephora or combing TikTok for beauty hacks, this is the gift for them. A three-month subscription to Glossy Box will score them a bevy of beauty items, delivered to their door each month and curated with their needs, the season, and emerging trends in mind.

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Let your giftee discover tasty treats from all across the country with Mouth’s Indie State of American Club box. Highlighting a different region each month, each box includes delicious snacks and condiments they have likely never heard of. It's like a delicious food tour, right from the comfort of their own home.

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BloomsyBox also has a subscription option with pet-safe flowers, making the gifting process much easier if your recipient has a furry friend at home. They'll still receive expertly crafted bouquets that'll brighten up their favorite spaces without endangering their dog or cat.

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Shaker & Spoon

For the wannabe mixologist in your life, this three-month subscription box provides everything needed to craft a bespoke cocktail minus the alcohol. Hello, housemade syrup, bitters, mixers, garnishes, and citrus! Plus, there are recipe cards and instructional videos, so they can get the ratios and techniques just right.

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The Mental Wealth Box

Give the gift of self-care to someone who could use a long-distance hug. Mental Wealth boxes contain calming goodies as well as workbooks and journals to explore mental health topics like anxiety and depression.

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If you know someone who loves to DIY, then this is the subscription box for them! Each month, they'll get all of the tools, materials, and instructions they need to make a cool project that they'll actually use (think epoxy resin coasters, wood serving trays, terrariums, and more). Even better: Gift two subscriptions to your favorite crafty couple for a monthly date night at home.

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Here's another dream scenario: a pizza delivered to your door without you even ordering it. For those who have a recurring Friday pizza night, this could be a super thoughtful and much-appreciated gift.

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Uncommon Goods

Have a history buff on your list? Look no further than this subscription from one of our favorite online shops, Uncommon Goods. Your giftee will receive monthly packages with detailed replicas of some of history's most important documents, along with explanations and additional information to help put it all into context.

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New apartment dwellers and interior design fans alike will love this decor subscription box from Decorated. Each quarterly delivery includes up to eight curated decor accessories and a styling guide with pro tips, as well as an opportunity for customizations and add-ons.

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was $222.00

There’s a reason people can’t stop talking about Brightland olive oils all over Instagram and beyond: They’re just that good. They’re also a little more expensive than your traditional, run-of-the-mill olive oils, meaning people might be a little hesitant to buy them for themselves. Translation: Gifting a subscription will win you some major brownie points with your favorite foodie friend.

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Know someone who did every puzzle in their house during quarantine? Jiggy's puzzle membership will send them a new 500-piecer every quarter (four a year). Each shipment also comes with a print of the completed artwork, because Jiggy's puzzles are so stylish it's tempting to leave them intact forever.

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Broadway Book Club

This one's for all the Broadway lovers. Each quarter, your giftee will receive seven plays from the Broadway Book Club, featuring a mix of new plays and BBC's favorites. A treat for theater lovers and readers alike, this is one of the most fun and unique finds we've come across in a long time!

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Getting fresh flowers is an instant joy booster. Imagine receiving fresh, beautiful stems on a regular basis without even having to think about it. Pure happiness. That’s why gifting Urban Stem's seasonal flower subscription is such a great gift idea. Plus, it’s a crowd-pleaser because it’s really, really hard to dislike flowers.

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Self-care is incredibly important, but when life gets busy, it's so easy to move your own wellness to the back burner. If you have a friend or family member who is always giving to others, gift them a TheraBox subscription. They'll get seven or more full-sized care products each month, like gel eye pads, room sprays, sugar scrubs, cuticle serums, candles, teas, towels, and more goodies they'll love.

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We all know that person who just can’t stop talking about their dog — their dog’s latest trick; their dog’s current meal plan; how they swear their dog is more intelligent than all the other dogs. You get the idea. Whoever this person is in your life, odds are that a subscription to Bark Box (featuring a box full of customized dog treats and toys) will make them (and their furry friend) happy month after month.

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Night In Boxes

Give a gift that you and your sweetheart can enjoy together. Every month, you'll receive a box filled with everything you need for a fun date-night-in experience. Each box follows a theme and contains items like interactive activities, snacks, recipes, mixers, ambiance accessories, and more.

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Book of the Month

There’s something about cracking the spine on a new book that just feels magical. Gifting an avid reader a Book of the Month subscription is a great way to make sure your loved one is getting a little bit of that magic in their life each and every month. Plus, it makes it easy to learn about new genres, titles, and authors — aka every bookworm’s dream.

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Raw Spice Bar

A spice subscription box is the ultimate kitchen hack. Not only will the array of spices inspire creativity in the kitchen, but your recipient will never run out of seasonings, either. Plus, this gift is relatively affordable, and it doesn’t take up much space for those with smaller kitchens.

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Sculpd's pottery kits allow artists to create their own vases and sculptures at home — no wheel required. Although not technically a subscription, this is a full-on pottery bundle in a box. Each kit comes with a guide, two packs of air-dry clay, carving tools, a sponge for smoothing, paintbrushes, and paint, and you can reorder clay for a gift that keeps on giving. Check out the Best of Sculpd gallery to get inspired for your next creation.

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Ice cream delivered directly to your door? What could be better? Your giftee will love being a bona fide member of Jeni's Pint Club, through which they'll get four new flavors to try every month, plus a set of ice cream spades and a scoop.

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Beer Drop

Beer Drop is perfect for your pal who's always searching for the most innovative microbrewery in town, sipping on the latest craft beer, or praising the coolest-looking can. The Beer Drop subscription is customizable, so your giftee can select categories they like among hoppy, sour, dark, malty, fruity, Belgian, lagers, and top-rated picks. With the Plus subscription, Beer Drop will auto-upgrade half of the beers to special release or taproom-only offerings.

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Have a friend who's always looking for the next "big" healthy snack? Get them a subscription to CLEAN.FIT box. Each box comes with 10+ delicious (and nutritious) snacks. Best of all, they're also available in gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian options meaning everyone can get in on the fun!

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MasterClass is the perfect give for the forever-learner in your life. With it, they'll gain access to thousands of hours of classes geared at helping them master everything from writing their first novel to nailing the perfect pasta. It’s a thoughtful, impactful gift that someone may not be likely to splurge on for themselves.

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The Peach Truck

Spoil your favorite stonefruit lover with a bounty of summer goodness in the form of this subscription box from The Peach Truck. A half-season subscription will score them four shipments of the ripest, juiciest peaches they can imagine — all without a trip to the farmer's market.

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People love Disney+ for a reason. If you have someone who's a big fan of TV and movies but is constantly saying how they can’t justify paying for one more streaming service, consider giving them the gift of Disney+. It’ll be something they use and appreciate all year long — including rewatching "Hamilton" as many times as they want.

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Movies and popcorn go together. And for those who really love the salty snack, there’s Popcorn of the Month: yummy, unique popcorn varieties drizzled with chocolate on top or melted butter. Need I say more?

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was $194.97

This unique subscription box offers surprising and tasty Japanese snacks each and every month. For those who love to explore different cultures or are particularly passionate about Japanese culture, this would be a great gift.

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Pretty Paper Club

Here's a gift for your friend or family member who appreciates snail mail or has a penchant for paper crafting. This box comes with custom stationery each month — plus washi tape, stickers, and fun office supplies if you opt for The Ultimate Paper Lover bundle. The best part of giving this subscription as a gift? You can expect handwritten notes to come your way in the mail soon afterward.

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Know a candle lover? Your giftee can get a new 4-oz. candle every month. That's about 300 hours of relaxation and candle-burning time per year. The Lucerna Box also comes with a surprise gift in addition to the artisan candles.

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The cat lovers deserve a gift, too! Plus, cats and boxes go hand in hand. Meowbox is made specifically for cats and comes with toys and treats every month (or toys only if the cat has a special diet). The sweetest part? The folks at Meowbox write a special message addressed to your cat and add it to every box.

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was $83.05

Blueland's subscription will be a treasured gift for those people in your life who only want practical presents. This sustainable cleaning supply company offers beautiful bottles and tins with a soap refill service every one, two, three, or four months. The Everyday Clean kit comes with hand soap, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and glass cleaner. Bonus: The packaging is sustainable, too.

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For the person who’s always in the garden, there’s Seed Bank Box, which sends eight to 10 varieties of organic, non-GMO seeds in every box, along with instruction cards. It would be a wonderful choice for a new gardener, seasoned outdoors enthusiast, or just someone who is looking to spend more time outdoors.

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Succulent Box
was $16.50

Succulents are notoriously easy to keep alive, pretty to look at, and add color and texture to any room they’re in. If you know someone who loves plants but doesn’t have much of a green thumb, consider giving them a few succulents each month. Succulent Box makes it easy and convenient, and your friend or loved one will think of you every time they see their tiny green plants around their home.

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Harry & David

If you want to show someone that you truly love (or at least really, really like) them, send them specialty seasonal exotic fruits. It'll give them a chance to try something unexpectedly delicious or something unavailable in their immediate area.

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Bar and Cocoa

This subscription chocolate box sends along four full-sized dark chocolate bars monthly. (I know: You'll be tempted to buy it for yourself.) Each box is gluten-, dairy-, and nut-free and the chocolates are selected from top-notch bean-to-bar makers.

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Murray's Cheese

Ah, cheese. Is there anything better? For those in your life who would argue no, consider giving them a Cheese of the Month subscription. Murray’s Cheese is famous for their selection, so you know that it won’t disappoint.

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Vinyl Post

For music-loving friends and family, vinyl postcards are a super cool gift option. You can actually play the postcards like records on a turntable, and each one has one song from an indie artist, plus a note from that artist. Not to mention, the postcards look as cool as the music sounds.

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Wine Access

Wine Access offers all sorts of wine subscriptions depending on what you're looking for (reds? sparkling? regional?). The Sunset Wine Club, in particular, features varieties exclusively from California, Oregon, and Washington. Each shipment features a curated assortment of six bottles.

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Bean Box

If your loved one is a coffee fanatic, send them the very best beans out there with this monthly sampler of artisan coffees. Each box contains four types of coffee, tasting notes, and a bonus treat so they can start each morning off on a delicious (and caffeinated) foot.

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Give your most dapper friend or family member the gift of added style with Sprezzabox, a box of "curated goods for the modern man." Oh, hey, to new watches, striped socks, ties, sunglasses, and more.

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Breo Box

If you have a friend or family member who loves all the newest, trendiest technology, but you yourself know nothing about tech, Breobox is a great way to surprise them without having to do much research at all. This subscription is a bit on the pricier side, but it could be worth it for how cool it is.

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Hygge Box

Up the coziness in someone's life with the Hygge Box. Each deluxe box comes with handpicked seasonal items, hygge home decor, an element of light (think: a candle or string lights), and something warm and soothing, like hot cocoa or tea.

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Hunt a Killer Game is basically a murder mystery party in a box, making it the perfect gift for your true crime-loving friend. Each month, a new box of evidence, documents, and items of interest will be shipped to your friend's door, and it'll be up to them to use the clues to solve the case.

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Sips By

Sips by Tea offers four new flavors every month to satisfy the tea drinker in your life. That's enough to make about 16 cups (and over 48 if your giftee re-steeps). It also comes with tasting notes, so your teacup- or mug-wielding friend can read more about what's in their gift box each month.

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Give the gift of uninterrupted music to your friend who has great playlists but just won't splurge for ad-free music. It's a total game-changer, and they'll thank you later.

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Art Crate

Art Crate is step one to creating a gallery wall, for anyone in your life going for an eclectic, curated look. Your giftee will take a quiz and work with a consultant to nail down their aesthetic and then will receive monthly art shipments to add to their walls.

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Night In Boxes

Shopping for a pair of newlyweds or a couple that just loves to keep their spark alive? They'll swoon over a subscription to Date Night In. The unique subscription box caters to couples of all types looking to abandon their old Netflix and chill routine in place of something more fun. Each month, they'll get a date night box delivered to their door with everything they'll need to create a unique date night experience, from a camp-inspired cookout to a '70s-themed disco bash.