My New Favorite Weighted Blanket Is Filled With Gems (No, Really!)

published Oct 6, 2021
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If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to drag those weighted blankets out of your closet — or even better, buy a new one! I didn’t officially hop aboard the weighted blanket train until earlier this year (after hogging the ones at my brother’s house), but I soon discovered that they’re so easy to love. That’s why when I got the opportunity to try a weighted blanket from Sunday Citizen, I jumped at the chance. Spoiler alert: the Bamboo Crystal Weighted Blanket is the newest addition to my ideal bedding layout. And with options to swap out for both hot and cold weather, it’s fit for snuggling all year round.

I chose the 15-pound Bamboo Crystal Weighted Blanket (there are 10- and 20-pound versions, too). While it feels heavy, it looks so much lighter than other blankets in my closet. The lack of heft drew my interest right away, but learning about the fill made me want to test it out ASAP. The weighted blanket insert is quilted with small panels that are filled with glass beads and natural crystals: rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst. I have a number of crystals at home, so to see some of my favorites incorporated into a blanket was surprising. I had to know what it felt like for myself. 

According to Sunday Citizen, the gems are sewn into the blanket for their therapeutic qualities. “Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer; it relieves stress and soothes negative emotions,” reads the brand’s website. “Rose quartz is the stone of universal love, and clear quartz is known to magnify the vibrations of other crystals. Together, the three stones help you relax and sleep like never before.”

The Bamboo Crystal Weighted Blanket is smooth, sleek, and cool to the touch, and it drapes beautifully. When I shift around, the quilting keeps the beads and crystals from gathering on any one side. The insert comes wrapped snugly in a cooling (machine-washable) bamboo cover that’s available in white or grey, but with colder temps on the way, you can easily switch to the Crystal Weighted Blanket Snug Cover. It’s plusher, not too bulky, and perfect for the chillier fall and winter months.

No matter which cover I use, the Crystal Weighted Blanket is by far my favorite piece for layering into my bedding. I spread the blanket over my beloved Layla Down Comforter, and the weight of it makes me feel extra relaxed and comfortable — so much so that my sleep has noticeably improved. I usually wake up a few times throughout the night, but with the Crystal Weighted Blanket, I sleep soundly. I was actually surprised to not see 3:00 a.m. on my clock when I opened my eyes in the morning!

I’ve tried all sorts of weighted blankets over the past year, including versions that are great for travel and staying warm, and even one that’s fantastic for sharing. As for this beauty, I recommend grabbing one for yourself ASAP. While you’re at it, throw in a couple of extras for holiday gifts; trust me, you’re not going to want to share yours.

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