I’m a Hot Sleeper, and These Are My New Favorite Sheets

published Nov 10, 2020
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Sleepers can pretty much fall into three categories: those who sleep cold, those who sleep hot, and those, presumably, who sleep “normal,” though I have yet to meet one of those unicorns. I’m a hot sleeper, and if you know, you know. While I love snuggling up under piles of blankets and maybe even slipping into a cozy pair of socks if my toes are especially chilly, I will inevitably wake up in the middle of the night with the socks tossed on the floor (how?????) and the covers kicked below my knees.

I’ve always been like this, but it’s been compounded by sharing a bed with my boyfriend and our dog—both of whom are also hot sleepers. (Dogs: Nature’s space heater.) I usually keep a fan on at night, even in the colder months, and it helps a lot. But I’ve also found another solution: new sheets.

The second I pulled these sheets from Sweave out of the package, I was sold. The feel was softer and smoother than the cotton sateen sets I’d used for years; that’s thanks to a mix of cotton and Tencel, which is a fabric made from eucalyptus. My boyfriend said they felt slick, but I actually really liked that—it reminded me a little bit of the feel of satin. Sweave says that their blend of cotton and eucalyptus—combined with a percale fabric weave—helps keep the sheets from feeling too slippery, a common complaint when it comes to Tencel.

The true test, of course, was how they felt while sleeping. While I can’t report on the thoughts of Sleeping Me, I can say that the rate at which I woke up during the night to kick off the covers definitely declined as compared to nights with cotton sheets. Both the flat and fitted sheets feel soft and not at all stifling; they’re smooth but not stiff, like cotton percale can be. My boyfriend, who has zero opinions on sheets, said he liked how comfortable these were to sleep on. The dog, who probably actually has a lot of opinions on sheets, has not said anything but I think that is because he cannot speak English.

One thing that I’ve been happy to notice is that these sheets are less prone to wrinkles, and so far, seem to hold onto their bright white color better than my older cotton sheets. Eucalyptus fibers don’t play nicely with bleach, so Sweave recommends white vinegar as a substitute to refresh the crisp color; I haven’t had to do this yet, in part because of how new they are, and in part because I think these discolor less easily than 100 percent cotton.

While the price on these sheets is certainly not low, it’s definitely better than similar luxury bedding brands. Even better? Sweave offers a generous return policy—a smart move for an online-only bedding company, since you can’t touch the sheets in person without buying them. Per their 100-night trial, you can test the sheets out at home for up to 100 nights after ordering; if you don’t like them, they’re returnable for a full refund.

Yes, we’re moving quickly into winter months—but as hot sleepers know, this is meaningless when it comes to nighttime body temperature. If you, like me, turn into a living, breathing, snoring furnace when you close your eyes, these sheets are a worthy buy.