Target Is Selling $7 “Emotional Support Coffee” Mugs and You’ll Want Like 3

published Mar 15, 2024
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Credit: Lonnie H. Chambers Jr/Shutterstock

If you’re an avid coffee or tea drinker, then you know that your mug collection is never complete. And with so many adorable mugs and cups available at Target right now, your collection is about to grow quite a bit after your next shop. The new $7 mugs from Target’s Room Essentials line are not only colorful and the perfect size for a hot cup of coffee, but each one of them has a hilarious phrase embossed on the outside to pack a bit of personality into every sip.

Spotted by the creator behind the Target Gems Instagram account, the mugs say things like “My Cat Was Right About You,” “Emotional Support Coffee,” and “Low Key Thriving.” And some of the mugs even come in fun colorways like bright blue and orange, iridescent white, speckled army green, and salmon pink. 

There are also a few mugs in the new Room Essentials collection that feature fun bubble shapes (inspired by Target’s bubble cups, maybe?), adorable checkerboards, and groovy patterns if you’re not into phrases on your mugs. That wavy purple checkerboard is hard to pass up…

“​​Love the cat one!” one person commented on the Target Gems post. There’s also a funny mug for dog people, too, that reads, “I’m Only A Morning Person For My Dog.” 

Each mug is $7 online, so if you see something you like, add it to your cart or head to your nearest Target ASAP to grab one while they’re in stock in stores. As long as you have the shelf space and a few bucks, you can freshen up your mug stash with one of these cute new finds.

Buy: Room Essentials 16oz Stoneware Emotional Support Coffee Mug, $7