The $3 Target Kitchen Tool I Can’t Wait to Use All Summer Long (It’s a Time-Saver)

published May 31, 2024
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Sometimes, the Target dollar spot solves a problem I didn’t even know I had. Ever reach into a big jar of pickles and get messy pickle fingers in the process? Thanks to a delightfully simple solution — a cool little $3 pickle jar — you never have to endure that sticky situation again.

Here’s how it works: Pour your pickles (juice and all) into this jar, then flip it upside down when you’re ready for a snack and watch the liquid drain out. When you’re done, just turn it back the other way to keep the pickles hydrated and pop the jar back in the fridge. 

When one TikTok user posted about it, the comments flooded in, with many saying they need one right now, and others understandably wondering why you wouldn’t just use a fork. And you can! But, like a plastic wrap dispenser or a Microplane, there are just some kitchen gadgets that save you a few seconds of time and fuss — and those seconds can add up to make your time in the kitchen feel that much better.

As one TikTok commenter astutely points out, “Everyone who is like ‘use a fork’ now I don’t have to chase the floating slices around the jar when the pickles are almost gone.”

Personally, I am not a huge fan of pickles (stay back, pickle stans!). But I can see so many other uses for a juice-straining jar like this, and the TikTok commenters do, too (think: Maraschino cherries, olives in brine, peach slices in syrup, and more). “Looks like the right size for pineapple slices,” says one commenter, and I couldn’t agree more. 

Whether you’re snacking on the raw ingredients, whipping up a dirty martini or piña colada, or topping your ice cream sundae, this pickle jar is the time-saving fridge staple you didn’t know you needed. Well, maybe not needed — but thinking of summertime Shirley Temples and dirty martinis ahead, I think I may want to pick up a jar or three. 

You can look for the jar in the Bullseye’s Playground section of your local Target, but if you can’t find it there you can also order online from another retailer. The Target version is made of plastic, but if you see yourself using this jar all the time, you might want to spring for this glass version on Amazon. Your briny pickle fingers of the past will thank you for this little upgrade. 

Buy: WhiteRhino Glass Pickle Jar, $19.18