Target’s $20 Plant Gem Is Here Just in Time for Spring Planting

published Apr 16, 2024
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Target store in Buffalo, New York, USA. Target Corporation is an American retailer.
Credit: JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock

Houseplants make for such beautiful decor that sometimes it can be easy to forget that they come with all the same mess as outdoor plants (even the low-light-friendly houseplants that are so hard to kill they’re practically fake). But as anyone who’s ever had to repot a houseplant knows, it can be a truly dirty business.

There are a few ways to make cleanup a little easier if you need to repot a houseplant. You can do the repotting outside or lay down newspaper, a garbage bag, or a drop cloth. But if you expect to take on more than a few repotting or planting tasks this spring, it’s worth snagging this Target find before you begin: the Arber Outdoor Garden Transplanting and Repotting set, which retails for $19.99.

When unfolded, the durable mat features a 4-inch high border that helps contain any stray dirt as you work on your potting projects, and its waterproof material protects whatever surface you’re working on too. After you finish, you can funnel any leftover dirt into a storage container for use in another project, and wash away anything else in the sink.

What I love so much about a repotting mat like this is that it’s so small-space friendly, unlike other options. For example: A few years ago, I purchased a rigid plastic potting station that I really liked at first. But when it came time to wash it, I couldn’t fit it under my kitchen faucet — and when not in use, it took up so much precious real estate in my closet that I soon realized the purchase wasn’t worth it.

This mat rolls up with a snap closure, making it much easier to stash away. I’ll be snagging one on my next trip to Target and sending my old one to Goodwill where someone else with a little more storage space can make use of it.

If you’re planning spring planting or repotting, grab this mat now while you still can — it’s a seasonal buy that will likely have a limited time on shelves. Plus, an earlier purchase means you’ll have a lot more opportunities to put it to use!