This $4 Target Kitchen Find Is One of My Laundry Room Essentials

published Jun 6, 2023
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Some of my most-used household items are things that I just had around for a particular need. Although at the time I was merely putting to use what I had at hand as a matter of expediency, when I think about it, I realize that developing this habit is a great way to repurpose and reuse rather than consume. Of course, this saves resources like money and the time and energy required to shop, store, and clean additional items. 

Interestingly, two of these kinds of items came into our home when our children were born. One was a huge insulated mug that was used in the labor and delivery room to hold ice water. We’ve since used it, for years afterward, as a water pitcher in the bathtub. The other was a small rectangular plastic basin that was used in the hospital for the baby’s first bath. 

This plastic basin was used so frequently for laundry needs that the thin plastic eventually cracked. But it had become such an essential item that I immediately searched for something similar. Since then, this $4 plastic dishpan bin from Target has been a laundry room staple. 

I use the plastic bin as a sort of sink-within-a-sink in my laundry room sink, which is typically used for more utilitarian needs, such as washing paint brushes or dumping out dirty mop water — not the same space I want to use for laundry purposes. The plastic bin is great for keeping our hand-wash clothing separate from the dirtier laundry room sink. 

Additionally, it offers a smaller space to hand-wash or soak clothing, meaning my laundry products are more concentrated and effective. Without a laundry room sink, the bin would be just as useful for hand-washing laundry because you wouldn’t have to take up a kitchen or bathroom sink for soaking. 

One thing I use my plastic bin for is hand-soaking delicates. I add cool water, and a touch of mild laundry detergent, and swish my item around in there. I let it soak and then rinse it until the water stops being sudsy, right in the bin. 

The bin is also perfect for soaking stained items in OxiClean. When dealing with items that have tough stains, I fill the bin with the hottest water I can (depending on the fabric of the affected item), and add a scoop of OxiClean Stain Remover. I let the item soak according to the package instructions and, again, rinse it right in the bin. 

My little plastic bin is such an often-used and essential part of my laundry routine, I can’t imagine not having one. This housekeeping helper could be a great addition to your laundry room, too.

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