This $40 Target Lamp Is So Nice That I Bought It Twice… and Would Buy It Again

updated Apr 7, 2021
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Like any affordable home decor enthusiast, I’ve been delighted by both iterations of Studio McGee’s line for Target, the most recent of which was released in early 2021. Unlike the products that launched last summer and sold out in a snap, these newer items were much easier to shop, which meant that I was able to get my hands on not just one but two of these charming $40 lamps, and I cannot recommend them enough.

I’ll start by noting that as someone who’s drawn to a wide range of decor styles and home pieces, it’s rare that I incorporate the same item into my space twice, unless something is sold or meant to be displayed in pairs. This lamp was just that good though. Once I had purchased one to place on a small dresser in my living room, which you can see above, I knew I just had to grab another for the desk in my bedroom. If I had more space, you can bet I’d be thinking about other spots in which this lamp would shine. I’ve seen designers place this piece on the kitchen counter, nightstand, a side table — you name it!

Credit: Target

Medium Faux Wood Table Lamp – Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee

What I love about this lamp is how high-end and stylish it looks for the price. Anyone who’s purchased lighting before knows that $40 for a lamp base and shade is an amazing deal, especially for something that’s fairly sizable at 16 inches tall and about 14 inches wide. It’s rare to find a base that’s so sophisticated-looking and falls within a reasonable budget. Search the internet and you’ll find many lamps that look quite similar to this one going for several hundreds of dollars, probably because this one is a lightweight resin dupe that looks exactly like pricy wood.

What’s also wonderful about this piece is the fact that the switch is dimmable. My living room gets a good amount of light during the day, but I sometimes crave a little extra brightness as I work or read later in the afternoon. Being able to easily control the amount of light I’d like and adjust as needed is something I majorly appreciate. The dimmable quality is also excellent if you plan to purchase this lamp for a nightstand; it’s easy to gradually wind down before turning the lights off entirely.

Lastly, this lamp has a quality about it that makes it look unique and not like a cookie cutter, big box store piece. If the rave reviews on are any indication, tons of people have purchased (and love!) this lamp, so you’ll probably notice it on Instagram and in friends’ homes, if you haven’t already spotted it. That said, it can shine such a wide variety of spaces and with so many different types of accessories that you’ll be able to style it with your own personal twist. Put it with driftwood accents, and it’ll look coastal. Style it out with a plant, and it’s warm but minimal. Pair it with a stack of neon books, and it could look postmodern. All in all, this lamp is truly a winner and worth a trip to pick it up at a local store, since it comes in and out of stock online.