The Best Paint Colors: 10 Valspar Bold Brights

The Best Paint Colors: 10 Valspar Bold Brights

Tess Wilson
Jul 31, 2015

Sometimes you want to paint your walls a nice color, but sometimes you're looking for COLOR. These 10 hues from Valspar will kick things up a few dozen notches, even if they're confined to one little wall. But why limit yourself? Be bold!

I never knew until this moment that I needed a glamorously green dining room, preferably including mint green chairs, faux fur, and a pineapple (above). Valspar's Luscious Green (6010-7) will take care of the walls, at least.

Chartreuse Tangy Dill (6008-10A) really pops in a tiny, sunny bathroom filled with cheeky art.

Orange, black, and white play well together, with the kitty poster and bicycle preventing matters from veering into Halloween territory. Valspar's Monarch Wing (2008-1A) is bright yet softly peachy.

The reddish Island Orange (2010-2) is a lot of orange, so Amna and Paul smartly confined the color to small-ish walls in the dining room and a band of color that serves as a picture rail in the living room. A reader commented, "I used to want red walls, and still like red a lot. Even so, I feel that this orange is much better for walls than red would be, if red were used in such quantity." Excellent point!

Tess used Valspar's aptly-named Cut Ruby (1009-4) to stencil her dining room walls for a subtle, "Is it wallpaper? Is it paint?" effect. The warm red adds a richness to her otherwise black and white room.

Oatlands Violet (4001-6C) might be a bit too "purple, purple, purple!" if it was on four walls, but it provides a lovely accent on the ceiling. The hint of grey in the paint increases its sophistication factor, preventing it from feeling like a little kid color.

Valspar's luscious Paddle (EB41-2) in Holley's bedroom was the bluest blue I could ever imagine someone painting their bedroom...

...until I saw her housemate Audrey's Peek-a-Boo Blue (4007-10C) bedroom! Now THAT is blue.

Valspar's navy-adjacent Ballard Blue (EB31-2) is a soothing, not-too-bright, on-the-nose hue for this nautical-inspired bathroom.

(Image credit: Dwell)

I've saved the best/craziest for last, since isn't the best color all the colors? "Rather than settle for a single hue, which might not age gracefully, they painted their home with Valspar’s Kameleon Colors, an innovative line of paints that appear to change color based on the position of the sun and the viewer," writes Luke Hopping for Dwell. "For the facade, they selected Dusty Rose, which looks bright green in the early morning light." Perfect for those folks who'd like their homes to be red, hot pink, lemon yellow, emerald, chartreuse, and orange, please!

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