Don’t Risk It: Think Twice Before Sharing Vacation Pics Online

published Apr 29, 2017
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(Image credit: Andrey Yurlov)

As much as we love spending time on social media, some of the unexpected burdens it brings kind of make us want to log off permanently. Just kidding – that probably won’t ever happen, but while we’re sharing, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to become so blinded by the likes that we stop prioritizing the need to protect ourselves online.

Fact is, we could stand to pay a lot more attention to the manner in which we share our lives with the masses, at least according to a recent study that says burglars are using social media to locate targets. As Popsugar reports, Eyewitness Surveillance conducted a survey on the home security habits of 1,000 Americans, and what they found should make everyone think twice about posting those FOMO-inducing vacay photos.

78% of thieves locate empty homes by checking public vacation pics online.

According to Eyewitness Surveillance’s findings, an incredible 78 percent of thieves locate empty homes simply by scrolling through vacation pics the unsuspecting homeowners share online. Among those surveyed, 18-to-25-year-olds post the most photos while on vacation followed by 26-to-34-year-olds.

The results also include a series of infographics to illustrate the risks that come along with being unaware and unprotected online and in real life.

(Image credit: Eyewitness Surveillance)

Not only is this a crucial reminder of social media don’ts for new homeowners, it’s worth reiterating for those of us who think we are providing innocent updates for followers when in reality, skilled lurkers with bad intentions are scoping us out as potential victims. A 2011 study of a similar nature suggested that most burglars use Facebook and Twitter to find targets.

So, while searching for ways to secure and monitor your front door is definitely something that should be high on the theft deterrent priority list, social media requires us to take even more precautions, some as simple as resisting the urge to post live visual updates from our fab vacation spots.