The Many Questions I Have About This Viral House: A List

published Oct 7, 2016
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(Image credit: Reddit user liquidthc)

Have you seen this house? It went viral this year after being uploaded to Reddit thread /r/funny back in March. User liquidthc is the one who noticed something strange about this South Carolina home—can you spot it?

(Image credit: via Shareably)

The garage door doesn’t align with the driveway.

It initially took me awhile to notice this, despite realizing something was “off.” The comments, both on Reddit and Shareably, offer a host of possible scenarios—some of which I share below—but no definitive answers. Despite endlessly scrolling searching for some certainty, even more questions came flooding into my brain—and not just about the driveway. This house and its strange quirks haunt me; perhaps publicly listing them will at least give me some solace.

Without further ado, here are my burning questions:

  1. Was the driveway meant to be this way, or was it a mistake?
  2. Was the house originally designed with a garage facing the street, and then someone realized later that a driveway won’t work, perhaps because of rules regarding pitch for ADA compliancy (commenter theory)?
  3. If it was a mistake, where in the process did that happen, and how did no one from builder to contractor to concrete pourer notice?
  4. If it was intentional, and this is a model home that’s using the driveway for parking until it’s sold (commenter theory)… uh, why?
  5. Is there more driveway to the right?
  6. Wouldn’t that cut in to the lot next door?
  7. Is it so that cars touring the model home don’t block the sight line of the house from the street (commenter theory)?
  8. Is it to prevent oil stains on the final driveway, by having this temporary driveway/parking lot torn up and replaced with one in the “correct” place once it sells (commenter theory)?
  9. That seems like a waste of time/money/the environment?
  10. Is that really easier than power washing away oil stains (commenter point)?
  11. How many oil stains are you anticipating?
  12. Do dripping oil tankers usually visit model homes?
  13. Is the garage not really a garage, but an office for the builder/contractor (commenter theory)?
  14. Is this house not even a house, but a “water pumping station” (commenter theory)?
  15. Why are there two windows in the “garage” (commenter point)?
  16. Do all garages have windows and I am just now noticing?
  17. Is it really just the “garage” that is faced with brick?
  18. Are there really three columns holding up the portico, or is that an optical illusion?
  19. Aren’t four different window shapes a bit much for one house?
  20. Is that a fence behind the house?? It has a fence but not a driveway that connects to the garage????
  21. Have I spent way too much time thinking about this house? (Yes.)

Do you have more questions? Do you perhaps have answers?? Tell me in the comments.