This May Be the Best Use of 240 Square Feet We’ve Ever Seen

updated May 3, 2019
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A lot of tiny houses look a bit like little dollhouses on wheels—peaked roof, petite double-hung windows, a tiny, almost vestigial porch. While these homes are, admittedly, adorable, it’s always nice to see something a little different. Like the Alpha Tiny House, whose designers embraced a more modern aesthetic—and a seamless connection between indoors and out.

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The design of the house is fairly simple: one side is the kitchen and on the other the bathroom, with lofted bedroom above. It’s what happens in between, though, that makes this home special. On one side of the home’s central core is a sliding glass door, which forms the main entrance, while the other side is a glass garage door which opens onto a deck, effectively expanding the living room into the outdoors.

The kitchen is quite spacious for a home of this size, and it even has a dishwasher (albeit a very small, drawer-sized one). And in the bathroom, there’s a washer/dryer combo, and—a true luxury for a tiny house—a bathtub.

(Image credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

But that’s not quite all. The raised platform for the kitchen conceals two benches and a folding table that can seat up to eight people. Underneath the table and in the benches are plenty of storage compartments for out-of-season things.

So if you love the outdoors, and love to entertain, and love the idea of living in only 240 square feet, this may be the home for you. All you need is $95k, and a place to park it. Check out the listing on New Frontier Tiny Homes.