This One-and-Done Decorating Trick Will Change Your Living Room, And It Can Cost as Little as $30

published Dec 23, 2019
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Having one long lumbar pillow makes tidying your bed super easy, but it also brings chill vibes and charm to the couch. The long lumbar pillow not only adds variety to the living room pillow styling game, but it also makes a big statement with minimal effort just by the nature of its size.

If your room is lacking texture or color, you can introduce that missing visual interest with the help of a lumbar pillow. And if you want to make cushion fluffing quick, one is really all you need on your sofa. Here’s proof.

Want perfect symmetry? You can use two shorter, matching long lumbars at both ends of a sofa. It’s also kind of genius that this homeowner used what appears to be a handkerchief instead of a throw to finish styling out the sofa. It’s a great way to save on a unique, one-of-a-kind textile, since throws tend to be more expensive than handkerchiefs.

A long lumbar pillow is also a great way to perk up a simple piece of furniture. This floor cushion seat, for example, would be quite plain on its own. But it transforms into a cozy spot with the addition of the textured lumbar pillow. These kind of pillows can also be useful for a couch or seat that’s in disrepair. A long lumbar takes up more space on a sofa, so by default, it can mask more stains or snags on fabric.

A lumbar pillow can also be a great tool to break up the repetition of a monochrome sofa. The long, textured pillow adds a pop of interest in a sea of similarly-sized beige cushions.

The super long lumbar pillow can also spruce up a bench in your living room or elsewhere in a home. You could even try one on an entry bench. On the whole, the long lumbar provides a great opportunity to incorporate another pattern or print into your room, simply because it has a larger surface area than most other pillows.

Finally, you can just make the long lumbar the star of the show and plop it right in the center of the couch without any additional side pillows. This is definitely the easiest way to style out your sofa, and plumping your pillows can refresh your living room.

If you want one of these guys for your own sofa, take a look at these great options, starting at just $27.

Credit: Casa Boho

Coral Reef Lumbar Cover

Add a boho touch to your couch with this dark and textured lumbar pillow cover. Made from cotton and wool, it’s just the thing to add a cozy touch to your living room.

Buy: Coral Reef Lumbar Cover, $65 at Casa Boho

Credit: Territory

Wool Loop Pillow

This rustic and handwoven pillow works with every design aesthetic, from Scandinavian to farmhouse modern. It comes with an insert and is made from wool sourced, dyed, and woven in a family-run workshop in Mexico.

Buy: Lumbar Loops, $155 at Territory

Tassel Explosion Pillow

For those who are not afraid of statement pieces, this lumbar pillow has it all. Tassels, pom-poms, fringe, and all sorts of textures and colors will add a pop of personality to your sofa.

Buy: All Roads Open Market Pillow, $128 at Anthropologie

Credit: Target

Chenille Trim Pillow

This pillow with chenille trim is just the thing for minimalists. The cream color is unobtrusive and blends well with just about any style decor. But it’s not boring—the tonal soft geometric print adds visual interest.

Buy: Opalhouse Chenille Embroidered Bed Lumbar Pillow, $29.99 $25.49 at Target

Credit: Target

Reindeer Faux-Fur Pillow

This faux fur pillow will set your space up for hygge season. Throw it onto your couch, and you will immediately want a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket.

Buy: Reindeer Faux Fur Oversize Lumbar Pillow, $34.99 $33.24 at Target

Credit: Casa Boho

Sand Dune Lumbar

This lumbar pillow is the perfect accent for rattan chairs, woven baskets, or jute ottomans. Can’t you see it in a minimal modern living room with lots of plant babies?

Buy: Sand Dune Lumbar, $58 at Casa Boho

Geometric Lumbar

This extra large lumbar pillow is a true one-and-done design move. Throw it down on your couch, and it will pull the room together. The handwoven Zapotec design also works with a variety of aesthetics, from mid-century modern to industrial.

Buy: Ceniza Lumbar Pillow, $195 at The Citizenry

Credit: Target

Simple Lumbar

This oversized lumbar pillow will soften any piece of furniture that needs a cozy touch, thanks to its woven texture and shaggy tassels. It comes in a variety of colors, so there’s something for every living room out there.

Buy: Tassel Border Throw Pillow, $89.99 $67.49 at Target