This Shape-Shifting Chair Is a Small Space Lover’s Dream

published Mar 11, 2017
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Is it asking too much for a seating option to be comfortable, stylish and space-saving? Well, that treasured chair that you use as a nightstand might find it challenging to meet those expectations, but this shape-shifting Ollie chair easily hits the mark and does it with some added flair.

Whether you’re trying to make the most of a micro apartment or simply enjoy multi-functional furniture, this unique chair is a small space lover’s dream.

Completely opposite of those run-of-the-mill, bulky seats that torture your back (and your backside), the Ollie chair is touted as one of “the only ergonomic folding chairs in the world with true lumbar support.”

If your lower back just breathed a huge sigh of relief, the decorator in you will be downright giddy over this space-conserving furniture’s ability to fold up flat and hang on a wall like a modern, minimalist work of art.

(Image credit: RockPaperRobot)

The Ollie chair features a tambour surface fashioned out of wooden slats that support its ability to go from a seat to a flattened form with the pull of a string. A lightweight aluminum frame enhances its portability, which works perfect for those who want to carry their comfort with them, as the Ollie chair can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, the design and wood type of the sleek, slatted surface can be customized to suit individual or business tastes and is also interchangeable.

“The Ollie Chair is more experience than object. Our goal was to design a chair that was an invitation to sit and stay as much as it gave license to get up and go…because possessions should provide both comfort and freedom,” said RockPaperRobot CEO Jessica Banks of her latest transformable design.

The Ollie chair has already surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter, and there’s still 17 days to go.