5 Practical Decor Items Tia Mowry — A Self-Described Homebody! — Can’t Live Without

published May 24, 2022
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Credit: Matt Armendariz Photography

Tia Mowry is a successful actress, author, wife, and mother. What some people may not know about her, though, is that Tia is a total homebody. “Home is my safe haven,” she says. “Home means family, it means joy and memories and rejuvenation.” The actress says she loves her “crazy hectic life,” but that when she comes home she needs it needs to be peaceful.

“Your environment will influence the way you feel,” she says. In her own home, everything is intentional — especially the colors. “I invest in my house and I don’t feel guilty about it because I work hard,” she says. “And this is where Cory and I make memories as a couple and a family.”

As she takes AT inside her beautiful Los Angeles home, these are five things Mowry just can’t live without.

A King-Sized Bed from Restoration Hardware

My bedroom is calming — it’s an ideal place to relax,” says Mowry, who notes that she believes in investing in the place where you sleep. “It’s important to get the rest that you need to be a creative person. Rest is so important.” Her room is also designed to bring the outside in, with organic textures like baskets, a vintage wood bowl, and linen sheets that feel organic and also work well in all temperatures.

Mowry says that king-size bed feels grown-up. “I’m excited to have the room to have the bed of my dreams, and this is it,” she explains. “The kids come in bed often, so it fits my whole family, which is fun.” Because the bed so big, Mowry wanted to make sure it still had style. “It has bed posts, no canopy, but it has the structure,” she says. “It’s big but not bulky; it’s sleek and contemporary. I feel like I found a nice, simple, organic balance.” The headboard is a dark, chocolate-brown sueded velvet that’s really smooth and adds texture that Mowry loves to wake up to.

A Custom Sectional from Restoration Hardware

This is the most expensive piece of furniture I have ever bought!” says Mowry. “I’m very open with my husband, but this is one thing I was hesitant to share. But I just did not care [about the price] because it was amazing and I knew it was perfect for my big family.”

“My brother Tahj always jokes that I have too many pillows, like ‘Dang Tia, could you have any more?,'” she continues. “Sometimes he even chooses to sleep on the couch because it’s so comfy and right in front of the fireplace.”

Because her living room is so large, Mowry wanted her sofa to be custom-made to fit the space perfectly. “It’s a neutral, tranquil, off-white taupe color — a little darker than beige,” she explains. “This couch is seriously my pride and joy,” Mowry says. “I’ve breastfeed, had movie premieres, taken naps, and created memories on this very couch. It’s an investment for sure, but I believe in getting things that are durable and functional for our family.”

A Soaking Bath Tub

“I am 100 percent a bath girl, all the way,” Mowry says. “It’s been like this ever since I was a baby.” Even with her busy schedule and two kids, Mowry makes sure to make time to take a bath every single night. “It’s about getting clean, of course, but it’s also about the experience. I put my candles on, spray a crystal spray, put bubbles in, and turn on some music.”

Mowry adds, “I haven’t always had a separate standing tub, so I really appreciate it now.” Like her other favorite spots in the house, this particular bathroom is full of memories that Mowry will never forget. “I bathed my daughter when she was born inside this tub, so I’ll always cherish this space.”

An Outdoor Fireplace

Mowry and her husband Cory Hardrict have lived in their home for a few years and just recently finished the backyard. “The blessing of living in L.A. is having the beautiful weather, so we love being outside,” Mowry says. Her family has large patio furniture in front of their custom-built fireplace. “It’s very old-Hollywood. The layered brick on the floors and the off-white color give it a calming, organic vibe that you can’t beat,” she says.

“We have a farmhouse-style house so the fireplace fits right in. There’s a big chunk of wood on top that creates a mantel that’s perfect for decorating,” Mowry says. Being a mother of two, safety is Mowry’s top priority. “I’m all about safety because of my kids, so I love that it’s easily powered by a switch to safely enjoy,” she says.

The thing Mowry loves most about this fireplace (and her entire backyard) is that is looks high-end but is still practical. “The same place where we have parties is where I can sit and have a glass of wine with my husband. We even had over 40 people here for the premiere of ‘All American: Homecoming,’ and the photos are full of smiles and laughter. That’s what my home is about.”

The “Spice by Tia Mowry” Collection

A huge aspect of being a parent is feeding your children, and this is an arena where Mowry truly shines. In additional to being the author of a cookbook, “The Quick Fix Kitchen,” Mowry has a line of cookware called Spice by Tia Mowry. “This collection is what I’m most proud of, and it has been a long time coming,” she says.

It’s full of colorful cookware that’s high quality yet affordable. “The pricing is meant to be attainable and accessible, and that was a priority for me. So I put a lot of time and effort into this line,” she says. “I also never want people to feel overwhelmed in the kitchen, because cooking is something everyone can enjoy,” she says.

Out of everything in the collection, Mowry says she uses the bowls the most. “I can’t go a day without them,” she says. “I use them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I measure all of my ingredients before I start cooking and I use bowls for that, too.”

And just like her home, this collection is about making the most of everyday details. “The beauty and practicality are what I love the most,” Mowry says. “Everything goes together so beautifully. I’m so incredibly excited about this line and proud to have it in my own home.”