Here’s Why Your Cat Wants to Sit on Your Laptop — This TikTok Hack Has an Adorable Solution

published Jun 9, 2021
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Credit: Shutterstock/Bogdan Sonjachnyj

What’s great about working from home is that you get to be with your pets all day. But what’s not great about it — as many a cat owner can attest — is that you have someone trying to get on your laptop while you’re trying to work. But thanks to TikTok, a purr-fect solution has been discovered.

TikTokers have revealed the best (and cutest) way to keep your cats from interrupting your Zoom meetings: by giving them their own mini laptop. A clip from user @bestcoastbaby narrates a clever tip she found online: “So I read on the internet that cats get on your laptop because they’re mirroring you and so if you get them their own laptop, they’ll leave you alone.”

The next part of clip then reveals that the hack does work for her situation. “And look at this little business man!” she added in the video, pointing the camera at her cat who is busy on his tiny laptop.

Others have also tried the tip, and it’s been effective for them as well — just look at all those little workers getting to it!

Of course, there were lots of jokes in the comments section. One said, “He’s answering some very important emails ok,” while another added, “He’s ready to conquer the business world. Adorable!”

Some experts would argue, though, that the reason why cats enjoy sitting on your laptop is because the device is warm and it contains traces of your scent. But the hack is cute nonetheless.

If you don’t have an old laptop around and want to DIY, you can search “Macbook printable” on Pinterest and print out the template on photographic paper. There’s also a compact mirror shaped like a laptop that you can buy on Amazon.

Regardless of the laptop you share with your furry co-worker, it will hopefully end in a home office that’s more productive and entertaining.