This $25 TikTok Hack Hides a Dog Crate in Plain Sight

published Apr 28, 2022
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Credit: Jus_Ol/Shutterstock

A dog around the house is the cutest sight, but their bulky crate surely is not.

While a pup’s toys can be tucked away in a basket or closet, a crate is something that stays out in the open. There are brands that are making more aesthetically pleasing versions of the classic crate, and others that have options that double as furniture. But if you already have one your dog likes, this affordable DIY from TikTok offers a bit of camouflage.

TikTok user Stefanie Bloom has a hack that hides an unsightly dog crate in plain sight. In her video, she takes five pieces of foam board, then she uses duct tape to put the parts together before covering one side of the giant board with wallpaper. Then, she places the board over the kennel, disguising the thing to look like a desk topped with a houseplant and a few books. From afar, when the crate’s gate is closed, you can’t tell there’s a giant cage back there.

It’s so simple it only took her 30 minutes to make without using any power tools. Even better, it only cost her $25.

The DIY project is so clever that the video already has over 1.8 million views on TikTok, with many followers wanting to try it themselves. “I was thinking of doing this with wood with would be EXPENSIVE. I didn’t think of foam, great idea!” reads one comment. Others said their dogs are too frisky for such a setup, saying, “Cute, but my dog would definitely destroy that LOL.”

Bloom’s other TikTok videos document how she renovates her home while being a renter —really useful if you want to try something new but don’t want to get in trouble with your landlord. You can see more of her content here.