This TikTok Hack for Removing Water Stains on Wood Works Like “Magic”

published Jan 22, 2024
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Cup of coffee on table
Credit: Isabel Pavia/Getty Images

Heat stains can feel like an inevitable part of owning wooden furniture, whether from placing a sizzling hot plate on the table or leaving a warm coffee mug on a nightstand without a coaster. However, that doesn’t mean you have to live with these heat stains in your home forever. In fact, a video recently went viral on TikTok showing viewers how to get rid of these pesky stains with just a few common household items: a towel and an iron.

In the video, TikTok content creator @cgm1992 showed off his favorite hack, in which he places a damp towel over the heat stains and gently irons over the spot, quickly removing the stain in the process.

“Goodbye to heat stains!” he captioned the video. “(Damp 💦) towel + iron = magic! Test slowly on each surface, results vary 😉.”

Since the TikTok went up on Jan. 6, the video has received over 258,400 likes and 11.6 million views. And if you want to try this hack but are worried that it won’t work on older stains, don’t be! 

“Haha mine had been around for a few years too!” @cgm1992 replied to one commenter inquiring about their own stains. “Just got around to it 😂🙈.”

Some commenters also chimed in with their own tips for removing heat stains from wood.

“Olive oil worked for me,” one wrote. “Just a couple of drops on heat stains, rub in, and let sit.”

“Put a thin layer of Vaseline on it, then let it sit another night,” another commented, while a third TikToker suggested: “Rub some toothpaste on it. That’s all it (usually) takes.”
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