This “Amazing” IKEA Light Hack Creates a Cozy Living Room (Instantly!)

published Mar 29, 2024
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If there’s one thing that home decor enthusiasts on TikTok seem to agree on, it’s an aversion to the dreaded “big light,” aka direct overhead light sources. Soft, ambient lighting is in, but have you ever considered adding some lighting under your couch? A viral TikTok might make you consider this unconventional lighting source.

“IKEA HACK: mood lighting,” TikToker Ida (@siivousfriikki) wrote in a recent video, in which she demonstrated how she created mood lighting by applying IKEA’s VATTENSTEN LED light strip to her couch’s wooden frame. Then, all she had to do was connect the strip to a power source, and voila! She achieved cozy lighting underneath her couch.

Since sharing her video on March 20, Ida’s TikTok has received over 19,700 likes and 527,700 views — and lots of positive comments. “So cozy ✨,” one commenter wrote.

When one TikToker asked about whether the lighting strips would fall off easily, Ida replied, “These stick pretty well but [a] couple days after, I added small pieces of strong tape to the ends of the strips just in case 😊. There won’t be any issues if you place the strip to a wooden/hard surface.”

VATTENSTEN LED lighting strips are $27.99 apiece on IKEA’s website, with each cord measuring 118” long. Each VATTENSTEN has three different lighting modes that you can change by pushing an attached button: a color-changing mode, a single-color mode, and a softer, more subdued mode. Plus, if the lighting strip doesn’t fit your furniture perfectly, you can strip it shorter by cutting it in places where a small scissors symbol is marked.