TikTok’s Most-Viewed Plants Might Surprise You

published Jul 19, 2021
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Whether you’re watching a TikTok specifically about plant care or you spot one you like in the background of a completely unrelated video, there are certainly many green beauties to be inspired by on the platform.

Take, for instance @gardenmarcus, whose account is dedicated to all things repotting, propagating, watering, and overall plant care. His positive messages are inspiration in themselves, and his coleas, ZZ plants, orchids, and more, unsurprisingly, are enough to make a person green with envy.


Replanting my coleus 😁🌿 What are you growing this summer? 🪴

♬ original sound – Garden Marcus

But the most common plants on TikTok might surprise you. Unlike Instagram, where the monstera, fiddle leaf fig, and Chinese money plant take the top spots, TikTok is more partial to cacti, lavender, and Venus fly traps, which are the top three most-viewed houseplants on the platform, according to research by Flowercard.

Flowercard, a UK-based company, sells small flower arrangements within customizable cards and used a list of indoor house plants from Hortology.co.uk to find the most-viewed plants on  TikTok. They searched hashtags using both the botanical and common names, taking a total number of views on posts across both names to find the top TikTok plants. They also offered more information on the top three:

Credit: Submitted by Dean Sameshima

1. Cacti

Cacti are perhaps the most popular because they don’t need a lot of maintenance, Flowercard says. They can thrive in dry air and average room temps.

Credit: haru/Shutterstock

2. Lavender

And lavender is versatile in many spaces in your home, the company points out. Not only is the color pretty (and trending!), it’s also a soothing ingredient in soaps, candles, and detergents.

Credit: Chloe Vid / Shutterstock

3. Venus Fly Trap

The Venus fly trap is a wild card, but an appropriate one for TikTok. Because it eats insects, it’s captivating to watch. According to Flowercard, the hashtag has received 243,000,000 views on TikTok.

You can view Flowercard’s list of the top 10 most-viewed plants on TikTok here.