This TikTok Account Reviews Public Bathroom Sinks, and People Are Loving It

published Apr 16, 2021
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What’s great about TikTok is that you can find anything and everything on the platform —from viral dance routines to life hacks and, yes, even bathroom sink connoisseurs.

Sink Reviews, as its name suggests, is an account dedicated to critiquing public bathroom sinks. It might sound strange but the videos are surprisingly entertaining. Each clip begins with a brief shot of the establishment — usually a restaurant, sometimes a rest stop or even a tourist attraction like Hudson Yards — then dives into a detailed review of the sink, noting its design and condition, before rating the sink on a scale of one to five sinks.

In an interview with Into The Gloss, the anonymous TikToker explained his rating system. “A sink that I would give five sinks to has to work well, because that’s obviously its primary function. But I also take its context into consideration.”

The videos are so tastefully done that it feels like you’re watching a sommelier describing fine wine, or an art critic discussing an Old Masters painting. But, you know, with public sinks. Here’s how he describes a stunning golden sink in an Aesop in Manhattan.

The art and film graduate also isn’t afraid to call out beloved institutions and hand them a harsh review. Take, for instance, an IKEA store whose sink was so awful it only received a two-sink rating.

Or even the Dyson sink at the Museum of Modern Art. “They cost like $8,000 or something, and don’t work very well,” he said.

Who knew watching someone analyze sinks could be so entertaining? It’s the surprise hit of the internet. As of writing, Sink Reviews has received more than 46.7 million views from over 868K followers. 

When asked why he started the account, he said: “People get really upset by certain sinks, and the fact that they can spark that kind of emotion is very interesting to me.”

What’s next? An account about public toilets? Oh wait, Instagram already has one of those.