This TikToker Found a 10-Minute Fix For Drafty Apartments

published Jan 29, 2024
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peachy pink bedroom walls with warm wood furniture

Feeling a cold draft in your home is an inconvenience that will quickly become an annoyance — especially with the subzero temps that most of the country experienced early this year. Using duct tape or anything similar won’t completely solve the problem, but this TikToker’s unbelievable hack is a good starting point.

TikTok user Alex (@casalawson) shared a clever tip for preventing a draft, plus it’s completely customizable and easier than you’d think.

Using a tension rod, Alex added a thermal door curtain to the rod and tightened it to sit right above her doorway. And the trick is that simple for keeping heat inside your house (where it belongs!). 

In the comment section, people suggested placing the rod a little higher and adding a second curtain to balance the look. “You should add a second curtain so the whole wall is fabric, would look so chic,” someone wrote. Others aren’t on board with the idea, as it could comedically be a hiding spot for a secret intruder. “Nah my brain would convince me someone was standing behind there all the time,” one comment read.

Alex bought the curtain and rod from Dunelm, a home furnishings retailer based in the United Kingdom, but both items are also available on Amazon. The Deconovo Thermal Blackout Curtains are not only going to keep warmth in, but they’ll also have a slight barrier to reduce noise. According to the reviews, the curtain’s insulation, quality, and price are more than enough reasons to dress your home with one of the 11 colors.

For the curtain rod, be sure to measure your doorway, but the BRIOFOX Black Shower Curtain Rod ranges from 32 to 75 inches to ensure a perfect fit. Between the thermal curtain and rod, you won’t be spending over $70 for peace of mind (and a warm house!). The annoying cold draft will become a thing of the past, and you’ll have a new corner of your home to decorate.